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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day

So Christmas is over, and Boxing Day is almost over. Hope both days were wonderful for all. I spent my Christmas watching Miracle on 34th St and reading old Jane magazines.

As to Boxing Day, no, I did not go out and shop. As I still (unfortunately) work retail, I worked today. Honestly, I'd love to quit, but I'm flat out broke and unable (or lazy.. shh) to find another job.

But job woes aside, I might venture out tomorrow and grab a few things. And on my list:

-silk tie-neck blouse
-simple black dress
-black mary-jane heels

And yes, the list is short. But I really don't feel like participating in the biggest consumer orgy of the year, not after selling sellling selling selling product today for 9 hours. I'll most likely hit up my favourite vintage store of all time, TrueValue Vintage.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Buck the Trend

I've always been typecast as the nice, quiet girl, straight-A student. You know, the one who always follows instructions and spends all hours of the day studying.. or something.

Well, my dear friends, it is time that I shed that title. A revelation came to me today. Midway through writing my Socials exam, I realized that.. I didn't really give half a shit what mark I got, or whether I bomb it or if I even knew the stuff. (Okay, I admit, given that the test was on Canada's economy in the 20s, it might that be that big of a revelation. But I digress.)

But- the rebelling (on the inside.. it's what counts right??) didn't start there. It actually started this morning. I had bought a beautiful black eyelet dress from H&M early September, and never had a chance to wear it for a fashion show and tell. Every morning I'd look at it in my closet, all sad and forlorn, looking like a beautiful princess trapped in a tower. So this morning I decided, what the heck, I'll give it a whirl.

Eyelet in winter is totally acceptable.
Also, on the rainboots- I haven't worn those rain boots since every freaking single girl started wearing them. But they're so damn useful. So don't call me a hypocrite please.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cold Questions

Freezing here. Global warming is true, I don't think Vancouver's been this cold since, forever. It's only November too..
I've resorted to layering hoodies over as many shirts I can. Sacrificing style for warmth, and so it'll have to stay until my brain starts thinking of creative and warm ways to dress. As of right now, it's been occupied with the Medieval Ages and writing.

On that note, I'm stumped on some articles I've been asked to write. None of them seriously interest me, but a job is a job is a job. It would be fantastic if you can give me some quotes or comments. No philosophical insights needed.

1.How do criminal activities ruin our economy? and how do they benefit the economy?
2. Does a three person relationship (marriage not sex) work better then a conventional one?
3. How is the Canadian dollar affecting the drug trade?

But until I can get my mind warm enough, these look awfully warm.

If only they weren't made in a sweatshop.

Monday, November 05, 2007

I Approve

I'm never afraid to voice my opinion on various articles of clothing. For example, today my friend gleely told me about her recent legging purchase. "WHAT did you just do?" And I proceeded to pick leggings apart (not literally, but I totally would, but, oh nevermind), and I admit, a bit maliciously. No matter, they're used to it and she still remains a leggings lover (and LL of the highest order. You need two hands to make an L on your forehead).
However, there are some items that I highly approve of. And lately my approval has been stuck to these shoes:
Silver hightops make any outfit 95% more sensationelle! to use a French vocabulary word. (Little sidenote here: French has got to be the most useless class I have ever taken. We are now learning about describing food in words such as spectacular! baked to perfection! and drizzled with four kinds of cheese! As if I ever need to know. Honestly.) Ratty tshirts and jeans are suddenly 'best dressed list' worthy. LBDs and tights are make effortlessly low-key. And sneakers are much more comfortable than any pair of flats you can throw at me.

Good old moccasins. There were moccasin booties at the Museum of Civilation's giftshop in Ottawa, and I'm seriously regretting not getting any. Especially since they were $50 and these ones are $80+. There was also a pair of knitted boots at the Byward Market, that I also didn't get. Heaven frown on whatever being that prevented me from these footwear!

Hightops from Urban Outfitters, Moccasins from Aldo.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Covet is the Wrong Word

Lovely friends, I apologize for my prolonged, much more than 2 weeks absence. Not unlike the cute guy who does everything to get you and then dumps you (like that JoJo song.. but not as lame).

I've been job hunting (again). My 6-month stint at a clothing store was fun, but it's time to move on. And to feed my literary side, I've been applying at bookstores. Hopefully everything will turn out well, but in the meantime, it's great to dream about it. Very Audrey in Funny Face, before she turned all supermodel.
Of course I would need a pair of tortoiseshell glasses, but in addition:

Not quite Annie Hall or Katharine Hepburn, but honestly, I could never wear a vest. Or a fedora for that matter. Functionality trumps 'trendiness'.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


As a forewarner, in less than 12 hours, I will be on a plane jetting off to Ottawa. (yes I am packing ridiculous amounts of clothing, but whatever) Ottawa's finest thrift stores, chain stores, parliament buildings will be no match for my camera, and when I return, you guys wont be kept out of the loop. Sadly I'll be away for at least a week, but until then, this picture will keep you at bay.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

State of the World: Desperate Issue

I'm tired of looking through style.com's runway pictures. I'm tired of browsing lookbooks for inspiration. It feels like.. all of my creativity is gone, leaving me with pictures and Spring 08 runways.
So what else to do but make a hot or not list?

Motorcycles. Metal chrome, laceup booties, scruffed leather
Erin Fetherson
Skinny jeans. Who cares about wide legs when you're 5'?
Harry Potter stripes
Bad coffee a la Dan Humphrey
English literature
Bandage skirts. Maybe American Apprel, maybe not
Knit beanies
Purple and dark red
White nails

Dictations of the Runway
Sock-less feet (They would freeze here)
Pleather oversize totes
Pumpkin spice lattes
Pleated skirts
Pink nail polish