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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

La creme de la creme... of belts

Here's my little secret: I love belts more than I love boots. This is, of course, a serious confession for me. If you've been reading my posts you'd have gathered that I have a serious boot/shoe fetish. But as a matter of course, I've been hiding my true love.

Belts, belts, belts! I rarely leave the house without one. A well coordinated belt can really pull together an outfit and give it a completed polished-yet-tossed-on look. I was very happy to hear that this fall season is definitely crazy about belts.

Leather belts: These are classic, a must-have belt for the belt fashionista. Braided leather is a bit out for fall, but it still works. Rhinestone studded ones either make or break your outfit, but it's good to invest in one. A plain, normal leather belt is always a safe buy and it can give clothes a more classy feeling to them, but make sure it's good and sturdy.

Ribbon belts: Heads up to the more preppy of you, these can be your staple belt. These are colourful and they're easily coordinated with very outfit according to colour. The problem with ribbon belts are that once you buy one, you've gotta keep buying them. They're addictive!

Chain belts: These are definitely more sophisticated than any more belt, but they can be played down too. Go for a gold or silver chunky styled one and wear them with your chic apparel. I think these are best over or under a blazer or with a loose shift.

Scarf belts: Even though I don't have many, I like these belts because they add a punch to clothes. Printed ones are great with jeans, and skinnier ones can be worn with skirts. The best part? They can be used as scarves too. Oh, how creative am I?

Sunday, August 28, 2005

The Essence of Fall

As we all know, and hate it, fall is looming near. With school starting, and numerous other things, the start of fall is usually slugged and slow. Still, fall fashion is moving at breakneck speed, and to save you the burden of having to search for all the fall trends and clothing essentials, I've prepared an article for all of you. Here are all the fall clothing essentials you need to survive (fall trends were posted previously).

1) Boots: I know I may be borderline-obssessive compulsive about boots, but I'm happy to say I'm not the only one this fall. All the fall fashion magazines are currently tooting about the need for boots. All boots are hot, though the slouchy knee length is most popular (yesss!). Cowboy boots are still running strong, but take away all the fringes and embellishment for this fall.

2) Jacket: This is a clear must for fall and winter.Longer coats are more classy, but they're impractical for school, so save those longer trench/pea coats for other occasions. And for school? I personally prefer a faux fur-trimmed (fur is a hothothot trend for fall, according to Vogue) dark parka.
How about the colour? Tweed, houndstooth, argyle are all cool fall trends, but I suggest you don't buy a jacket with those prints if you want to wear them for more than two seasons. Invest in a single colour jacket and you'll be using it for several years to come.

3) Sweater: I know you all have tons and tons of really good sweaters in your closet, but I say rush out to your nearest mall and buy another one. Longer length sweaters are cool for fall, and they keep you warmer than their shorter length counterparts. Get a slouchy one with a v-neck for extra style points.

4) Jeans/trouser: Get one or both of the previous. As I say, you can never have enough jeans. Try a darker wash to be more fall-like. Trousers are super-trendy for fall, but they're not as versatile as jeans. Khaki-coloured trousers are more useful than gray ones though!

5) Knee length skirt: Turning away from floor-sweeping gypsy skirts of this summer, this fall is about the knee length skirt. Stay away from gauzy styles, they're too light for fall, but get a more substantial printed skirt. A lot of vintage and second hand stores online carry nice fall skirts for cheaper.

-by missc

ElleGirl Style

Normally, I'm not a big fan of Ellegirl. I don't read the magazine, because I think (and this is just me) that they don't have enough style and the whole magazine in particular isn't as well packaged and informative as I would like it. Nevertheless, I don't check out the ellegirl website too often. However, today I was bored and waiting for the VMAs to start, I decided to check out Ellegirl. To my great surprise, I found some great stuff there. Here it is!

The Need for Tweed

About tweed and fall fashion... basically how to wear tweed. Yes!

Fall Necklaces

This is a DIY article... how to make really cool fall necklaces... try the Marni inspired one!

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Imitation of Rachel

Sorry for the long time no post, but I've been on holiday for four days. So to make up, I want to post some new ones today.
It seems that the most influential person in fashion is not (read: gasp!) Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfield, or the like. This trend-sparking celeb-stylist has gotten the whole blonde-boho look started by styling the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie. Granted, they all somehow look like her too: long wavy blond hair, smoky eyes, super-skinny bodies, skinny jeans, drapy glowns and a spray-tan bronzed face. Who is this femme fatale of the fashion world? It is......

Rachel Zoe, celeb-stylist extrordinaire. Catch more bout her here.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Working Summer into Fall

I've been preparing a summer transition article for you guys, but when I came across Stylediary's summer transition article I felt I had no need. That girl's done a great job on telling us how to work our summer pieces into fallwear. I did feel that the outfits are a bit more on the winter side where I'm living.
Still, I'm warning you, if you don't read it you'll be sorry!

Friday, August 19, 2005

BTS Lookout

I went shopping yesterday in search of fall twill pants. I was unfortunately disappointed by the lack of tiwll pants there were. First off, most of my favourite stores didn't carry twill pants, and the ones that did didn't fit. In bebe I thought I found the perfect pair, but $256 for a pair of pants is just too much, no? So instead of shopping, I found myself wandering around the mall looking at windows, and thought I might share my window-shopping spree with you.

Most stores still carry boho themed clothes. One shop window still had full boho outfits in their windows, i.e. shrug, cami, tiered skirt, sequin belt, floppy hat. It was utterly boring. The rest of the stores mixed boho items with fall trends, i.e. menswear pants, a boho-ish cami, a shrug, and fall boots. Other stores were a bit more subtle, doing the outfit completely fall, but adding a boho necklace.

Here's some ideas...

American Eagle

The shirt was a bit different, but this was the closest I got. The clothes were a bit boring, and a bit too preppy, but still gives off a clean, crisp sort of vibe.


Love the colour of the sweater, and the wash on the jeans is awesome. Too bad I couldn't find the jeans in the actual store. I would wear this outfit with a dress shirt maybe. By the way, the bag is awesome, go and get it, now.


Nordstrom still had more boho-esque clothes. Instead of pairing the bohemian cami with a cashmere shrug like they did, I put it with this twill one. I like the pattern mixing in this outfit.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

And even more BTS

Just a couple more fall fashion articles, nothing you don't know, but helpful nevertheless.

7 News Online:

As we all know, denim, corderoy, tweed is in. Nothing extra special about fall fash, but still read it.

This article's about skirts, fall trends for them etc. Very short and sweet.

Focus on Style:

This one's a video on NYC back to school style. Fairly informative.

The Fabric:

Mad, mad and even more crazy about tweed. Talks about tweed, 'the hottest fabric of the season'.


More fall style tips, encourages the boho look (isn't it out?), and suggests darker colours.

Extra Extra! Get your news here!

I know I'm supposed to write about fashion and all, but this news is actually about fashion, so I had to share. Kate Moss has snagged her Tenth!! British Vogue cover. I know she's a supermodel and all, but ten whole covers... thats a big wow. But when you look at it, it doesn't seem so outrageous, considering how long she's been in the fashion industry. Hmm, in most of the covers she's pretty much naked... Check it out here.

Another news-worthy story? TeenPeople's Amy Barrett has left the fashion scene. Personally, I'm crushed. I love the editors of magazines, from Atoosa (Seventeen) to Amy Barrett of the above magazine. I devotedly follow every issue of TeenPeople, and I have to say, Barrett's done a good job of keep TeenPeople from being too much of a celebrity/gossip magazine, but still adding lots of fun Hollywood gossip as well. Why did she leave? It's not for sure, but gossip's saying she's starting.. oh you guessed it, Instyle Teen.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Fall Fash' Update

More on the hottest fall trends...

1. Cowboy boots. I've always thought these were out, but unfortunately not. Not my fav kind of boots (i.e. uncomfortable, weird calf height), but these boots work for skirts, jeans, you name it, while still being trendy.

2. A big and slouchy bag. This is the trendy alternative to a backpack. I love the LV one! Though, I like a distressed, tote-style bag from my local Walmart too...

3. Bangle bracelets. These rock. For those of you with uniforms, these are awesome in a cool 'n' stylin' way. I like wearing around, oh lets say, six of these at a time.

4. Bolero jackets. Try these abbreviated jackets with long jackets, and toss in jeans or a skirt. (dont do both!!)

5. Prairie skirts. Another trend I don't actually like. Nearly everyone has one, but since it's supposedly a fall trend, you can get more wear out of your skirts without a oh-so-done-with look.

6. Embellished jeans. The details make the jeans.

7. Wide belts. With a skirt, the belt should be worn over the hips. With a white button-down or a sweater, it should be worn to cinch the waist.

8. Military-style blazer. This trend comes direct from the designer runways, but you don't have to spend all that money for a designer blazer. These jackets are awesome with a more feminine shirt and cargos.

9. A man's watch. The chunkier the better is the phrase. But don't go overboard, instead of a leather band try a slightly more feminie metal band.

More trends to come, keep watchin'!

Monday, August 15, 2005

And on the boho chic look...

Check to see how many you have of the following:

tiered peasant skirt
floppy hat
sequined belt
espadrille wedges
anything crochet-ed
long beaded necklace
prairie skirt
peasant top
big chandelier earrings
wide leather embellished belt

I'll bet my Seven jeans that you all have at least one of the following. When half the world has the same thing, it's a sign that we should all move on...

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Ten Things for Ten Years

I just came across StylePhyle, a super fabulous site on, you guessed it, fashion. One interesting article was Ten Favourite Things. The author, Kat, ten years ago, tried to guess ten things that she would still be wearing and love ten years later. She did pretty good, although there were a few laughs there too. High reccommend you check it out. While you're in StylePhyle don't forget to check out Ten Things she thinks she'll still wear in 2015, and all the other super articles there. Kat gives out some really great advice!

This Fall...

Now that you have your perfect jeans, you've gotta know the trends for this fall. Luckily the Budget Fashionista has the complete fall trends. You gotta check it out.

With the boho trends of summer long gone, fall is going to focus more on more elegant, timeless pieces. Fabrics like velvet, brocade, fur, and black are coming right in, as well as menswear -inspired clothes.

'Black is back with a vengeance- from updated cocktail dresses to thick cable knit sweaters. For those in cooler climates, wear black from head to toe. For those in warmer climates, mix in other colors such as pumpkin orange, steel gray, or your metallic pieces from the summer.'

I'm excited that black is back! Black composes most of the classics in my closet, as I think most of yours is too.

Enjoy your fall!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Perfect Jeans... the Sequel

Now that you've had a sample taste of where to buy your jeans, it's now time to consider what style of jeans to buy. Which cut? Flare, bootcut, straight? And what color? A faded black, a light stone wash, or plaid dark ones? And you have to consider what embellishments you want on your jeans: distressed? embellished jewels? extra pockets? no pockets? The possibilities are endless. Not to be stressed, MissC has a way!

Cut: To consider which cut to buy, you need to first seriously consider what kind of body type you are. And what you want to look like too.

Boot cut: The ankle is an inch or two wider than the knee. This is the universal flatterer of all shapes and sizes. If you want a safe way out of jean-buying stress, this is what you're wanting.

Straight: The ankle and knee are the same length. If you're on the skinny side, then cut is as good as made for you. The straight cut accentuates longer legs, while making shorter legs looking longer and leaner. But, beware, if you're curvy, this cut will accentuate your curves in an tres unflattering way.

Flare: The ankle is wider than the knee. If you're shorter, don't pull this one off, it only makes you look shorter and funny in that bellbottom-ish style. Definitely not what you're looking for. If you're taller, you can pull this one off, and the wider ankle makes your legs look trimmer.

Trouser: I am a huge fan of this cut. Even though it successfully makes me look a tad bit shorter, I love the slouchy yet sophisticated look. This is great for dressing up or down.

Wash: The colour of your new jeans depends on what your style is. Do you want to be casual trendy? Or how about a sophisticate? A dark wash is great for a more polished style, yet is still great to dress down for a casual vibe. A light distressed style is more casual, but it so common it's everywhere; just look down the street! Surprisingly, a faded black is more casual than a dark plain wash. But a black is far more dressy than a light wash, so having a pair of black jeans in your closet is advisable. The best wash for this season? You can't go wrong with a pair of plain dark wash jeans. Yes, boring, but the easiest to work with.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Perfect Jeans

Up with Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the perfect guy, etc., do the perfect pair of jeans even exist? Or do they exist only with the A-listers who can afford to dish out on a pair of designer jeans that are designed for them?
Not so.
This fall season, you can expect to find 'they're made for me!' jeans without paying a whole ton. In all your favourite stores, Gap, American Eagle, and the like, jeans are the feature.

Gap: With all their new styles (skinny, curvy, relaxed, and so on), there's a whole lot of different types to get. I personally still like the traditional boot cut, always works for me. The only problem I have is the length of the jeans. You see, I'm on the short and skinny side, so most jeans don't work for me. But with Gap's new skinny jeans, I can see the 'jeans don't work for me' dissolve. Most of their jeans are between 35 to 50$$.
Gap's jeans aren't the only feature in the store. I love their new cords and trousers, and all their absolutely fab summer night themed (or rather boho-inspired) clothes are on sale! I love their sequined white shrug... but it's a bit over the top, non?

Guess: Their jeans are always too expensive for me, but this time I think their worth it. The vintage patch jean is incredible. It slims and adds curves in all the right places while the patches add a little bit of a playfulness to it. I speak from experience, since I own them myself (since last week!!) and they pretty much haven't come off. Guess's other jeans are also really good, but only if you're willing to dish out at least 150$$ for a pair. A slightly cheaper alternative is Guess Kids, if you can squeeze into kid's sizes.

Abercrombie and Fitch: Their jeans are on the expensive side too, but not as much as Guess of course. But in my opinion the quality isn't as great as Guess's, if you're talking about your money's worth. But all in all, Abercrombie and Fitch jeans are a staple, and they flatter most bodies (unfortunately not mine). My fav so far is the Erin low rise straight jean. I love the dark wash!

more on jeans coming soon..!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Fall-ing for Shoes

To keep with the shoe theme, I've been trying to find a good article on fall shoe trends. Nada, zilch on shoes in all the fashion websites/mags. I was especially hoping to find an article in fashion.about, but strangely, there was hardly anything on shoes. But when I backtracked to the style section of, I found...! And, on the first page, there it was: 2005 Fall Shoe Trends and 2005 Guide to Fall Shoes. Hip hip hooray!

This fall, shoes are taking the boho chic thing to the next level, by incorporating them with tweeds, and making the bohemian style a tad more sophisticated. Read more here.

Hottest Fall Shoe Trends:

1) tweed
2) floral
3) print
4) tapestry

Tweed, like last fall, is said to be tres hot. All the way from completely tweed covered-pumps, to flats with tweed decorations, tweed shoes are making their way back into closets.
I especially like this one:

Madeline Abby Mule with Tweed accents,

'This fall, flats are reaching new heights in popularity, and as with seasons past - clogs and mules will be hot again.' Check out more shoe trends.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Best Boots

I love boots. It's almost to the point of obssessive-compulsive disorder. So imagine my shock when I try on my boots and find, most of them don't fit. Of course, I hadn't worn them for nearly an year, what with it being summer. But in less than a month, it's back-to-school(dumdumdum!!), and bts means, for me, more boots. And ill-fitting boots gives me an excellent reason to buy more than enough of them. And tada! I found some boots to keep me happy, and thought I'd share them with you.

I threw away my last pair of slouchy boots last winter, and hadn't had time to buy another pair. I love slouchy boots because they're so easy to tuck into pants, and they have a somewhat classy feeling to them.

Airwalk slouchy boot, Payless

These are drop-dead gorgeous. I love everything about them, the colour, style, and the height. Extra bonus, I can wear it this summer with a white boho skirt, before the boho trend runs out.

Frye horse boots, Intuition

More slouchy boots. Don't make me feel guilty, I really need them, I do! Instead of tucking jeans into these, I'd wear these with a wool A-line. Too boring? Try an A-line skirt with a print for punch.


These are perfect for dressing up and down. The dainty kitten heel makes this boot perfect to wear for those formal nights. The laidback, slightly cowboy style makes it easy to pair with jeans or a tres casual skirt.

Fornaria Hagen Strawberry boot

Now I got to go order boots like mad. Toodles!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Mountaineering Style?

I'mmmm back! Sorry to leave without notice, but I just had an awesome trip to the Canadian Rockies. Though I was computer and cell-less, that didn't mean I stopped thinking about fashion!

The weather was extremely cold up in the Rockies, so the unofficial uniform was sweat pants and a hooded sweater. Not too chic in my opinion. However, you can still brave the cold mountin' air in style.

1. Sweatpants with a tee: Boring, ugly, unfashionable. All wrong. But don't wear baggy sweats, but try wearing ones that are a bit sleeker (is it a bit strange, sweats and sleek?). To those, add a tee in a bright eye-catching color. And don't forget accessories! Pair the outfit with a stand-out necklace.

2. Warm parka with tailored pants: This is also a bit cliched, but once again, accessories to the rescue! Pair a light colored, fur-trimmed (fake fur only please) parka with black/navy tailored pants with stunning gold chandelier earrings. Add your favorite boots and, tada!

3. Polyester jacket: I know most fashionistas will cringe at the sight of anything polyester, but I for one am in slight favor of it. Not that I'd wear it 24/7 with worn baggy sweats, but it makes a really good, warm jacket to wear. I like a slightly big black one with black pants. Add in a brightly colored belt, and equally bright pumps. For extra punch, pair the emsemble with a really cool trucker hat.