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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Regal Touch

Velvet has had a rich history. Worn by kings and queens in olden days, it's now everywhere. It's been seen strutting on the catwalk, on celebs, and on the sidewalk.

On the runway, velvet was on everything, from jackets, tops, pantsuits, and yes, dressess. The dresses were mostly paired with a turtleneck or a long sleeve (often lace), and stockings, like this one from Cynthia Steffe.

Stores of all kinds and brands have stocked up their iventory with velvet too. Bebe is not my favourite store but it's a good compromise for designer wear but more classic than your regular department store. This velvet bebe jacket is sweet. It's a military meets velvet meets blazer. So chic, but the model does look wasted. Hmm...

How to wear velvet?

Velvet is a hard fabric to work with. It's a bit rich for everyday wear, but still really versatile. If you pair it right it looks great, but if not, you look like a total fashion victim.

1) Pairing a velvet jacket/blazer with a non-attention grabbing cami and jeans is a super casual yet chic look.

2) Velvet pants are reallly hard to wear. They look tacky until you get every single little bit perfectly right. I say get nice fitted straight ones, to avoid the velvet/velour tracksuit trash look in a neutral colour, say black. Then toss on a bright tee and add pointy heels.

3) For the more adventurous fashionistas, a velvet dress with patterend stocks and a blazer is a cool look, a la the runway model above. Perhaps you'll add a turtleneck too? Didn't think so.


Must See Movies!

Hollywood's gone down the chick-lit route, with all of its' up+coming movies this season. Very exciting.
First up's ShopGirl, about a Saks glove counter girl. I loved the book, so I seriously can't wait for the movie.

Next is , The Devil Wears Prada, starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway, about the story of a personal assistant for the fashion magazine for "The Boss from Hell", while all she wants to do is be a journalist. Another must-see.

Finally, the other movie we will all rush to see is, In Her Shoes, where Cameron Diaz's character feels her designer shoes should be living 'a life of scandal and love'.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Such a stud...

I see studded things everywhere. Here, studded belts are in, since last year (yawwwnn). Studded bags in in, and now jeans are joining the studding party. Instead of jewels or creative stitching, what do we have? S-T-U-D-D-E-D jeans.

I have to say, when I first heard of the trend, it seemed so boring, what with all the other studded things around. But I'd forgotten how creative denim designers were...

These Seven/Great Wall of China jeans are perfect to dress up or down. I like the light, antique wash of them.

Another Seven one, but a little more subtle about the studs.I like the crossroad-y ness of the pocket.

'Havana' jeans. Completely studded and beautiful, but $695. Waaay too expensive for me and probably everyone else that's the littlest bit spending savvy. Just up here as an example of studded jeans...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Just a last imput...

Here's a list I've compiled of all the fall trends. Feel free to tell me if I've left something out.

1) Feminine
2) Military
2) Equestrian
4) Purple
5) Green
6) Brown
7) Cocktail dresses
8) Structured bags
9) Studded bags
10) Knits
11) Belted cardigans
12) Cowboy
13) Velvet
14) Fur
15) Belts on waist
16) Black trenchcoats
17) Tweed
18) Houndstooth
19) Metallic
20) Satin
21) Herringbone
22) Blazers
23) Stacked heels
24) Knee-high boots
25) Flat boots
26) Pearl jewellery
27) Kukui nut beads
28) Wood
29) Navy, Teal
30) Menswear-inspired
31) Tailored clothes
32) Vests
33) Embellishment
34) Prints
35) Argyle
36) Slouchy clothes/boots
37) Knee length skirts
38) England-inspired
39) Pencil skirts
40) Tulip skirts
41) Jeans
42) Volume
42) Minimalism
43) Black
44) White
45) Punch of colour
46) Sixties
47) Ladylike
48) Classic
49) Floral
50) Loafers, Pumps

Bag It

We're already well in fall but I can't help adding more fall trends in here. Today I planned a giant shopping spree for myself, and found tons of new trends I didn't know existed.

But on the subject of bags. I've seen them everywhere, from carry-all tote bags to teensy weensy purses. Took a couple of mental notes, and here they are.

Studs are the bag trend for fall. Anything studded, preferably stylishly, is couture.

Example of course, is this Mulberry bag. Not exactly my facourite, but it's chic and versatile.

I prefer this Miu Miu bag than the Mulberry one. It's a lot more creative on how they used the studs, and it's a tres chic bag, Miu Miu style.

Another bag trend is the structured bag, meaning bags with frames or a definite shape, like this Marc Jacobs box bag.

If classic is more up your alley, but you still want to be trendy, this Miu Miu bag is exactly what you need. It's has a frame and it's black, a classic colour that's trendy for fall.

All bags are from


Magazine Issues?

If you've been reading about fall trends, like the good fashionistas we all know we are, we've all been avidly stocking up on our fall magazines. All good, except we can't really use much of the information they give us.

The problem is, most magazines and fashion sites are usually aimed for the older or the more richer of us. Same goes for dictating trends. Sure the blouse trends are all in for fall, but the examples they give us are mostly for people 25+, which is of course no use to us.

Apart from a few teen magazines (Seventeen, Cosmogirl), most magazines are all way above our price limits (TeenVogue), or just unrealistic (Vogue), or too old for us (Instyle). I don't have a problem with reading teen magazines, but for those of us who are past the 'teen' ages, but not quite in the 'adult' ages, fashion advice is hard pressed for those of us who aren't really into reading magazines for younger people.

My question: do you think we need more realistic magazines?

Friday, September 23, 2005

M.A.C. + Milan Fash Week

Here's the thing, I don't usually talk about cosmetics here, since, hence the name, it's a style blog. Buuutttt, M.A.C. is an exception. I could rave about it for ages. My love affair for MAC started I used a sample of their lip stain. I put it on and after ten seconds, it was permanently on my lip for about 12 hours. Then it was all uphill from there.

Another thing, MAC is sponsoring Milan Fashion Week. Usually I skip it, mostly because it's not as important to me as New York Fash Week. However, I think I'm going to go over it, since I didnt' have any details on New York Fashion Week (me, the lazy one). To read more about it, go to

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Colour my Clothes

I'm pleased to announce the it colours for fall: Brown, Purple, and Green. While doing a bit of research for my fashion class, I found out the previous info. And I'm positive it's right, if you don't believe me, just check out your nearest mall and tell me if your stores don't carry trendy b,p, or g clothes. So of course, what else?, I decided to do a little online window shopping and give you the best of the it colored clothes for fall.

Aren't these positively delicious? I could just eat these up right now, or rather, order them online from Beautiful style, and in trendy colours too, but you can still wear them forever because blazers and brown will never be out of style.

Beautiful pants, and in my all time favourite clothes color: brown. 2 B Free is one of my favourite brands for activewear, and ta-da! they did it again. Get yours at

Heehee, a Ya-Ya shirt. Love the butterfly-sleeve-esque-ness of this top

and I adore this colour and the sequins around the neckline. It looks so comfy, I think I'm going to get it myself, from

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Velvety knee high boots with a bow at the back? Definitely love at first sight. The wedge heel doesn't look un-trendy like they usually do on boots. The price is a bit steep, but I'm sure it's worth it.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Forever and for Always

Will your favourite summer style item have the patience to stick around for fall? Glamour mag has undertaken the task of telling us which summer items are going to stick for fall and what items will never go out of style. So let's get crackin'!

Metallic: I'm not sure if I like this to stay around... Still it's a great look if you're subtle about it, as in metallic flats or a belt (no sequins please!)

Long Beads: These are soo great with sweaters, but make sure you wrap them around a couple times before you wear them.

Oversized Handbags: I want these to stay forever, they're so stylish and, duh, roomy. I say you get yourself one of these before its' too late!

Camisoles: The lacy satin tops are great for layering under your clothes. I can't say we can wear them by themselves, but under a sweater or a long sleeve it'll look sweet.

What'll never go out of style...

Pea coats: I love these coats as much as the next person. They're comfy, warm, with the added bonus of stylish. They might be a bit too sophisticate for everyday wear, but they're great to wear on those super-cold days.

Flats: I love flats but I unfortunately don't possess very many pairs of these. I love how they come in any style and work with everything.

Jeans: Come on, who would give these up?

Cotton tees: Another one for your style sense. How could we ever live without cotton tees? What would we wear?

Cardigans: Used to be referred to as grandpa wear, but now they're good for all of us fashionistas. I say you run out and treat yourself to another cardigan, but make sure you watch out for grandpa cardigans!

Polo shirts: Polo horses are my secret obssession. A lot of people I know hate these shirts, but I think they look hot on anyone, and they work with pretty much anything.

Hoodies: Ah, the Canadian staple. Wherever I go I see zip-up hoodies, mostly from the same brand too. So keep your eyes peeled for unique hoodies, but in the meantime why not buy yourself a hoodie-of-the-crowd?

Boots: The day boots go out of fashion is the day I hate fashion. Knee high, ankle, flat, heeled, calf-length, thigh-high, the choices are endless.

Details, Details

Of course you know by now just an outfit wont do it right? Good. Now that we're all on the same page, we need to find you some accessories. But of course, they can't just be any accessories, no no no, they have to be trendy, yet classic, funky yet sophisticated. Sound a bit complicated? Here's where I come in.

What you need in fall accessories:

Funky boho: I know boho is out, and I want it to be too. Still, I can't say I want bohemian accessories to go away entirely. I've been looking for a bohemian, but not all together too bohemian pair of earrings, like these ones from Urban Outfitters.

Geometric: You've seen them on the S/S 06 catwalks, so why not get a head start?

Black: Black is.. back! And same goes with accessories. Anything sophisticated and black goes.

Colorful: Sort of like the Urban Outfitters earrings, but not quite so boho. I'm thinking a bit more playful and not as much adult-ness.

Peasant: This works with belts and scarves more than jewellery. Try not to indulge in more bohemian chic pieces but go with authentic peasantry accessories.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Finally! Fashion Week Report

I know, I know, I'm late. I'm sure all of you have gone over fashion week until it's so done with. Nevertheless, I will not go on without my fashion week report!

Of course, I'm a lazy butt so therefore I'm only linking you to the best fashion week reports I've read so far. So here goes.

I Am Fashion: Great fashion report, a bit lacking but still gives out the pinpointers of the runway.

Style Intelligence: Drum roll please, this is definitely the highlight of this list. Has everything on all the runway designer styles we all missed.

WWD: Great reports but soo tedious to look at all thirty+ pages. Give it a look-through though.

For the Vertically Challenged of You...

Sigh. I've just spent a grueling week in the wonderful outdoors, rockclimbing. And not even sleeping completely outdoors, getting bitten millions of times, or spraining my ankle hurt me as much as missing fashion week. So to cheer myself up, I decided to write another article for y'all.

Here's my confession: I'm not tall. I haven't reached 5'4" yet, and I can still fit into a size 0. And I know I'm not alone; a lot of fashionistas are petite. So therefore this rant, some tips on making you look taller than you actually are.

1) Striped pants: My ultra-must slimming/height adding secret weapon. Pinstripe is good for those of you who are on the short side, but aren't totally tiny. And for those of you who are? Pants with more noticable stripes are better, but not colour contrasting ones.

2) Perfect fit: I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but here it is again. Anything too tight or baggy will just make you look shorter. Get clothes that completely tailored to you. Remember, you wear the clothes, not the clothes wear you.

3) Pant length: I'm not going to tell you wear ultra-high waisted pants just because, they're ugly. But pul-lease don't wear underwear popping out low rise pants. Get decent ones, and just refrain from wearing a belt with them. As much as a love belts, they cut you off at your hips.

4) Heels??? Heels are a love or hate thing. The only heels that make me as tall as I want to be are waaayy too uncomfortable to wear them for longer than an hour. Basically heels for me are a psychological thing. I love wearing kitten heels almost all of seven days, but they don't really make me any taller. Just the fact that I'm wearing heels makes me feel taller and that is part of the point isnt it?


Wear low rise jeans with a belt
Wear a belt over a big slouchy sweater
Wear baggy pants with flares
Wear a tight, way too small top
Wear a long tunic
Wear floor length skirts

Saturday, September 10, 2005

New York Times Style Recap

Sorry, but I'm in a stinking mood so I didn't have time to think of an original! and interesting! and witty! name for all this. New York Times has its' Must Haves list online so just sharing with you all.

Just a normal recap on fall/winter trends, but of course, with all this New York Times, haute-couture. Seems like lace, frame bags, structured suits, and more are all most definitely in. Go now, I strongly urge you. I said now!

Fashion Week!

I'm all hyped up for fashion week. Excited to see Spring 2006 fashion, the models, the designers, you name it. So here's a little preview on Fashion Week.

Kenneth Cole started off Fash Week with an truly awesome collection. Lots of beige, grey and gold, and some really killer clothes. Nothing reaaally awesome color-wise, but to die for tailored cuts.

Hmm.... I have a strong suspicion that nautical is still in for Spring 06. Yawwnnn, I would have loved to see some fresh trends, but you know, you gotta leave fash up to the fashion gods. Flowy, yet tailored lines are chic for spring. So toss away your boho duds for a later date and buy out the stores more tailored clothes, but don't go overboard.

EDIT: Leaving next week for my school's annual "camping" trip. I'm nearly crying in disappointment; how do I survive the wild wilderness knowing that I'm leaving fashion week behind?

Friday, September 09, 2005

Watch Out

I realize I remember those bygone days in July when I was reading about back to school fashion, and I remember they were saying something about leather and metal watches being a trend for all. Now, I haven't seen any watches in ANY fashion articles, so I thought I better write one.

I like leather anything, except maybe jackets. Leather watches are, undoubtedly, cool. I like wearing worn looking mens watches, but not everyone thinks so. I've heard some not so nice comments on my watch, sooooo I don't want you all to get them too.

Im fine with pink, camo print, baby blue, all the girly kinds of watches, but they are cliche, and are utterly boring (at least for easily bored me). I say we all get unique watches, like ones we've never seen before, and actually work them into our outfits, instead of wearing them 24/7.

Finished my watch article, at last! Now you people can't complain that watches aren't a fall trend.

p.s. go to Compleeteely talented teenager (a moi) writing fash.

Less IS More

Are tiny necklaces all the rage? I've gotten emails from Instyle, Daily Candy, StyleDiary, and more about these tiny necklaces. And I'm not talking about small sized ones, but ones with those teeny tiny pendants.

See, aren't they adorable? At my favourite local jewellery store, I found the most delicious necklaces - they have teensy dog tags on them! I was so excited I bought three, along with another pair with tiny flipflops in them.
Another reason why I'm excited about these necklaces? They make such a good change to those big huge necklaces that grace (grace?) the necks of 99% of the civilized world.

I've found that tiny pendant-ed necklaces are far cheaper than regular necklaces, at least where I live. If you can't find these, just hop online, since you can't go wrong with accessories!

Many happy days finding your necklaces!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Trick of Getting Invisible

So if you look at the celebs lately, what are they? Disappearing like mad, thats what they are. We all live in a super skinny, lollipop look world, and we all are wannabes of that, somehow or another. But don't pull a Nicole Richie or a Lindsay Lohan and stop eating, just dress slimmer.

Some tips on looking slimmer

1) Wear dark clothes. I don't mean dress head to toe black, but wear darker colours - black, navy, charcoal - to look slimmer.

2) Longer Pants. Don't get pants that are too long, but long enough to cover your shoe if you wear heels, or don't show your socks even when you cross your legs.

3) Right Fit. I know this is important because I used to be a wrong size fashion disaster. I'd always stick to my size number, so I'd always have bigger clothes and teeny ones. Um, complete fashion disaster? Try on a lot of different sizes because stores carry different types of sizes.

4) Higher Waist. I know this is a little bit controversial, since low waist still seems to be all the rage. Low waist is more comfortable, but it makes your legs look longer and slimmer, since your pants don't end at the top of your thighs.

Check out teenfashion.about's tips on looking slimmer (sorry no link)

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

THE look

All in all, let's just say this fall season is a little boring, a little typical. But that doesn't mean there's a couple of super bonuses.

Apparently the look of the season is the oversized leather bag. Celebs are spotted toting these beautes everywhere, from Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, Gwen Stefani, the like. I lovvvveee this look, love the bag. And it's catching! Just today I saw a girl in my school hallway with the most gorgeous leather bag. It was a brown, but slightly bronzy, so up close it's metallic but it's not far away. I asked her about the label and she said it was Fendi. Imagine, a Fendi bag in a hallway! Miracles never cease to happen.

Ha, I like the bag more than I like her. Love this Chloe bag. Super trendy, and makes her outfit more sophisticated. Without the bag, it'd just be a boring white tee and jeans. See what a bestudded, bedazzled, mega expensive designer bag does to you? Even gets Ashlee Simpson in here.

Online Shopping Review

Even though other people may say they love it, I've never been a fan of online shopping. You know, the size issue and the quality issues, etc. etc. etc. But others say there's far more items to choose from, less pricey sometimes, and you can hunt down top quality stuff. So is online shopping really worth it?

I did a little test, I got two of my most fashion-savvy friends, one who shops online frequently, and the other that has never shopped online before. Then I sent them on a little shopping spree in the mall, and the next day online. Here are their reviews.

Test Subject A:

Liked both, online shopping is new to me, so it was kind of funny at first. Loved the fact that I can pick so many things just sitting down, but I wasn't sure about my size. I guess if I measure according to the charts I would find out, but it takes a lot of time and since I'm new to this, I'd have to measure for every site. Overall, I liked online shopping, but I'd still prefer conventional shopping over online anytime.

Test Subject B:

I really can't decide! Regular shopping is better because you can see the item and you can try them on and see how they look, but online shopping is just as good too. I like having a lot of choice, and I don't think the size is a huge problem, since you can just use the charts they have up.

As you can see, it's a tie between online and shopping at a store. It's hard to find out, but I say you should try online shopping - soon!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

How To: Military Top

So you've heard the trend report about the new and stylish military top havent you? And you've hauled yourself to the labour day sales and got one? So what? You're not wearing it, you're still not the epitome of cool.

But you will be, as soon as you follow my simple rules on wearing a military top. Keep reading.

1) Only one military object at a time. I was just walking down the street and saw a girl wearing a camoflage skirt, a military esque jacket and chunky boots. Talk about over dressing!

2) Wear it fresh. Don't be cliche and wear them with jeans, today, and tomorrow... and maybe the next day too. Try a pleated skirt to be girly, trousers for a more sophisticated look, and if you do wear them with jeans, try a belt. Around the waist is popular, but I still like it slightly more hip slung myself.

3) Avoid Cliches. As much as they look cool, don't wear a mili jacket with knee high boots, a cord cap, skinny jeans, the like. Even though you've seen them on celebs, doesn't mean we have to follow the pack. As I've said, wear them fresh and unique and do not, whatever you do, copy a celeb's outfit to the detail.

4) Unexpected accessories. Accessories are just what it takes to make an outfit you. i like wearing mine with a colorful bead necklace and it looks girly, but still me. You can wear beaded necklaces, but only if they express you, please don't wear them to be trendy. Bags are important too. A boho bag would be lost in the sharp lines of a mili top. And a brown motorcycle esque bag is too used. I suggest toting a bag that slightly echoes your bag, in either the colour or the details. My top has tortoise shell buttons, so I wear a bag with similar buttons.

Who knows, we might all start a trend with our trendy yet fresh mili outfits. But of course by then we'd have moved on...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Ring Ring goes the school bell

School is fast approaching, or for those of you elsewhere, already started. Lazy summer days (and nights) doing nothing seem so far away. But I've got no time to fret. Too much shopping to do! Now that I've scoured the fashion industry of fall trends, I've got to own them myself, non?

Though I'm planning a little shopping spree for moi, decided to add a online shopping to the mix. has a lot of items this week, including a lot of crave-worthy jackets. I'm just a little iffy about the price, most of the jackets are far out of my budget range. is usually my one stop online shopping site. This time it disappointed me. Even though they had new items, they had nothing new, and everything thing was too boring and hollywood. Yawwn. is a super site, if you just keep in mind that you're buying designer duds and your credit card bill will be higher. Lots of chic apparel now.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

SheFinds.. the best place on earth

I've never actually known the allure of She Finds, even though other fashionistas have considered it a really chic site, but I've learned why it's so popular now. Even though the blog is a bit full of NYC shopping, and I'm far from the Big Apple so the tips don't help me at all, but the occasional trend/style tip/article is absolutely awesome.
Anyways, enough small talk so let's talk turkey now. They have a superb fall trend article now. Though it's nothing new, it's gives out some great advice. I suggest you see it... now!

Another thing, check out the Trend Report while you're at it. They have a actresses style files in the trend section. They took several actresses in this summer's blockbusters and showed us their styles in the movie. I especially like Scarlett Johannsen's style in the Island.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

It's Fall... StyleBakery says so!

I was so shocked this morning when I realized it was already September. Seems like summer just flew by! It sure doesn't seem like fall though, as the weather seems sunny. But when StyleBakery sends out their fall fashion article, you know for sure it's fall. They have an absolutely fab fall fashion "recipe", so you better hurry and get a taste of fall fash. I especially love, love, love their boots (how typical of me?).

They also have fall handbags, which are also yummy. I cannot find a single fault with the deelicious bags, except maybe the price. But anyways, take a lonngg look.