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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...Harajuku Girls

Yesterday, I'm proud to announce, was the official launch of Gwen's Harajuku Lovers line. All was good, lots of celebs, amazing decor, and, of course, the clothes. Glad to see at least one celeb making it right with fashion.

Somehow, though, after looking at these pictures, I don't like Harajuku Lovers afterall. Gwen does her own style and LAMB right, but Harajuku Lovers seems too sporty clashing with colour-blind hardcore basketball fan.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

HowTo: Calf-height Boots

Ankle boots are easy-peasy. So are knee-highs. Both o fthem you can stick into jeans and ta-da! you're done. But just as soon as you go out and buy them, you realize calf-length boots don't work that way.

They completly refuse to go into normal jeans without falling apart or coming out in five minutes. And they're too short for you to buy those jeans-that-have-socks-attached-just-for-boots jeans. So what now?

Skinny jeans are the natural option, but they're so cliched, and on most people they're not exactly the height of flattering. So what to wear?

Skirts are an obvious choice. The always flattering a-line goes with the sleekest of the boots, while denim goes with shearling and ugg-type boots (but not the uggs themselves!). Pleated skirts in menswear fabrics will just about go with any kind of leather boots.

Look! They are made for each other. Top the look off with a muted-jewel tone top with a black tweed/twill jacket and you're done! Or go for business office wear with a navy feminine blouse and a mili jacket.

If you don't want to take the skirt route, shorts and leggings are an option. You need:

Your shearling lace-ups
Add denim mini or cutoffs
Add leggins
One tee with hoodie or blazer

My recipe for successful outfits a la calf-high boots.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Figure Fixers

I just came across this great piece from MSN. Shows you how to hide your flaws and accentuate your positives, such as hiding large things, or showing off a thin midsection.

'Look slimmer with fall's newest and trendiest sweater: the longer cardigan
Try Fall's new cardigan. An open cardigan covers up problem areas; the belt slims your middle.'

'Reduce or minimize your thighs by wearing wide legged trousers. Creases will also create long vertical lines that slim your legs. Make sure you get the right weight of fabric; it need to be thick enough to hide flaws but not thick enough to be bulky.'

Want even more?

HowTo: Faux Fur

Today is the first post of several howto posts I'm going to update. I've decided to do these when I was looking through my fall magazines and was frustrated that there was nothing in them that told me how I could wear such and such an item in which ways, and which was worked and which didn't. Therefore... the howtos!

I think fur is really a very hard fabric/texture to pull off, either you look like a beaver, or with a fur trim you can look like you have a really big, fluffy collar. Neither of these are desired effects.

Your best bet on faux fur is to have it as a trim on a parka or a long coat. Fur trims are iffy on sweaters and shirts, but on a thick down fur or a long wool coat, fur trims are perfectly balanced.

Another good place to have fur? On shoes. Boots preferably, even short ankle height booties will look good with a touch of faux fur. Anyhow, fur-lined boots are super comfy and are stylish.

Some embellished jeans have fur trims. They're a bit.. well off but the tiniest trim is acceptable, and denim/fur will look good them it's paired with a solid.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Versatility is key...

... so that is part of the reason blouses are utterly, completely, and inconceivably in fashion this season. I like blouses, but making them a major fashion trend is a bit too far, no? Not anymore. I was flipping through all of my fall magazines, and I found a section in Instyle that I had completely missed: the entire blouse section. So I read the article, pored over the pictures, and I've decided that blouses did deserve to be a trend, what with all the gorgeous new blouses out there. Blouses are no longer waitress-choirsingers-ultraprep wear.

Since I still can't post pictures, I'll leave you with this section from

O.... my gosh

Big news, everyone! Gap is appointing a new person to take over the entire design section of Gap. Personally, I'm not that thrilled about the change, I've always thought the design was just perfect, a balance between trendy and classic. Another thing, they always seem to have the perfect fit. But you never know, change can be a good thing.

Read more about it here.

Can we survive the simple life?

No, I'm sure we all don't want to be Paris Hilton, or maybe not even Nicole Richie, no matter how famous they are. Still, simplicity is in, at least for fashionistas.

We're all sick and tired of all the embellishing, ruching, jewels, and all other kinds of.... eh, frippery? Although it hasn't been seen much in the S/S 06 catwalks, pretty soon we'll hear about how simple clean lines, and minimum embellishment is in, so on so on. Aren't you glad you know about this already?

Start with your basic black cocktail dress.... love how the dress has lots of detail, but overall has a really clean, simple look. Really classy, perfect for day or night.

Ease in a new pair of jeans, you want a simple-looking pair, with a dark wash. It'll be the most flattering wash, and it works best with simplistic styles.

You can't go wrong with classics, never ever classics or basics you're going to use as basics in super-embellished styles. Always stick with the cleanest, most flattering shape. This helps avoid last-minute 'what do i wear!' moments.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, blogger conked out on me and wont upload anymore pictures. I promise I'll add them later.

Monday, October 10, 2005

La Vie En.... Blanc?

I've been browsing through the S/S 06 pictures and I've noticed a colour scheme: beige, white, black, basically soft pastels with some edgy darks, like black and brown. But all in all, there's been a lot of white, espeically in accessories. It's like a part rebellion of the 'No white after Labor Day' rule.

So I'm wondering, is wearing white from head to toe without looking like Pilbury dough boy possible?

I like this outfit, especially the gold and white theme. But in reality, this would be a hard look to pull off. You would have to get the whites to match exactly, if they're the slightest bit off then it ruins the whole outfit. Another thing, this entire outfit if designer made, so they're not the most affordable outfit either. So now the question is: Can we wear a white outfit while maintaining a budget? instead of Can we wear a white outfit?.

Now here's an outfit that's affordable, chic, and has a colour scheme: white. The metallic beige flats accent the gold pattern on the cami, and the blazer and twill pants have a office-y look to them. The best part? The entire outfit's under a 100 dollars, courtesy of
Now we don't have an excuse to not wear white don't we?

Saturday, October 08, 2005


Rejoice! My very first Chanel bag, or to think about it, my very first non-fake Designer Bag. (Yes, they deserve capitals) I couldn't take a picture of my own bag, but here is a fabulous picture of it.

I definitely deserve this; I scraped up all of my precious money and here I am, rewarded.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Couture Bags

Every season, there's the bag that anyone who's anyone must have. For instance, the Balenciaga motorcycle bag; the most sought after bag of spring/summer. Although I can't afford all of these, I love knowing which bags are going to be It.

First off, the Chloe Paddington bag. The most coveted accessory for fall, and I have to say there's not much fault to it, other than the price.

Next is the Marc Jacobs quilted bag. Quilted bags are returning, so bring out all of your classic Chanel quilted purses and enjoy at have a couture bag. The Marc Jacobs bag is It because it incorporates three bag trends (quilted, frame, and chain strap) all in the same bag.

This light green luggage bag-esque purse is the Goyard bag. Although I can't see much in this one, it's is one of the most desired bags this season.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Just wanted to share what I'm wearing today. (minus the bag the model's holding, I actually wore dark red leather bag)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Just an Idea

I was just looking through a couple of online clothing catalogues when I came upon this picture. I'm seeing a lot of this look lately, a very summer top with a thick winter scarf. I like the look, but is it practical?

I'm positive this look started when Mary Kate Olsen started wearing all those thick wolly scarves, mostly on one outfit at a time. A bit ridiculous, especially on her tiny frame, don't you think? But fashionistas everywhere, yes even here, started copying her, mostly her bohemian bobo chic look, but also the multilayered scarves.

Do you think this is a cute look? Is it practical for everyday use or would you have to wear a jacket with it all the time? Would you even try wearing an outfit even remotly similar to Mary Kate Olsen's on the bottom?

As much as I love the Olsens I have to say Mary Kate's style is going way out the door. Last year's winter was fine, it was even cool. But then the outfits she started wearing this summer are pretty far out. An example: woolen heeled clogs, black lace cami dress, leather trench coat, two scarves, messy hair.

A bit, well, too trendy maybe? Or just plain ridiculous?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Topping it off

Even if you have the most admirable outfits everyday, if you top them off with the same raggedy coat there isn't a point no? So let's get started.

Velvet jacket

This is mostly an evening look, but if you're looking for a polished, sophisticated kind of glam, this is for you. It can be dressed up with a dress and jewelled heels, but dressed down with a tweed skirt and buttondown.

Ladylike coat

A long, fur-trimmed pea coat-like coat is a guarantee for chill-day/night elegance. Wear it with jeans and a cami, or a dress in a contrasting shade for the dressing up nights.

Cape jacket

Instead of wearing a jacket like all the other girls do, why not a shawl or a capelet? MJ's brown shawl is perfect, or try a capelet jacket in a tweed. Looks great with denim, dress pants, and skirts. So why not?

Trench coat

Ah, the traditional. I'm sure everyone has one of these hanging in their closets somewhere. Well, nows the time to take them out and while you're at it, why not invest in a new one? Instead of the beige one you've been wearing all spring, get a black one in a thicker fabric.


For the really reallllly cold days, you need something more substantial than a thick velvet blazer. A parka is an excellent substitude, and if you pick a really special one out, then it'll last you for a long time stylishly.

Cuffing jeans

There's the big trends, and then there's the little trends. For example, Uggs were high on the fashion radar last year, but weren't predicted in any high profile fashion mag.

Seems like the uggs of this year are going to be slouchy cuffed denim. Starting from last year, when all the super-slouchy denim all started, fashionistas are adding to their slouchy denim super wide, messy cuffs. It's a cute style, and a great way to wear jeans that are just the tiniest bit too long for your flats.

Rainy Day Blues

Sigh... rainy days have come to where I live. The weather forcast: rain today, tomorrow, and for the rest of the week. So what to wear in such a rain-casted city?

As much as I love wellies, I would not be caught dead in, say, neon-flower printed rain boots. Nor would I wear a bright yellow rain slicker either. So what can I wear?

First of all (read: duh!) you need an umbrella. It wont keep your body completely dry, but if you buy one with a wide brim, you'll be able to survive most kinds of rain. I like this one, from Art as Fashion. It'd cheer me up even on a rainy day.

Another look I like to wear are brights. At least two different colours of brights on my outfit brighten up the drab-est day.

Here's an idea of an outfit I would wear: Knee-length denim, darker colored cropped leggins, and a thick wool sweater. Still cheery, but fall appropriate, and it reflects my style. If it was colder, I would add on a shawl or a pea coat.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Milan Fashion Week

One of my favourite times of the year: Milan Fashion Week is upon us at last! Bee-yootiful collections for spring 06, undoubtedly better than New York Fash Week, although New York was fab too.


Donatella did a fabulous job, aren't these the epitome of effortlessly chic? And unlike a lot of the other collections, it's pretty much totally wearable, together and separately. For instance, can't you imagine the navy blue dress on the right with the gold sandales at a cocktail party, sipping white wine? I'm loving the leather jacket in the middle on, completely wearable but still unique in the Versace way. My favourite? The leather frame bag that the model on the left has.


Moschino did a punk-chic/femme look.All of that leather, scary looking brooches, and corset-like tops were paired with something feminine. A lot of structered looks, with blazers and broomstick skirts. I can't wait to try this look out, hmm black/beige, punk/feminine?


Lots of loose, simple dresses from Miuccida. A bit futuristic, yes, but still oh-so gorgeous.

Love all the footwear in this collection. But are we all supposed to carry our bags like that now?


I fell in love with this collection long before I saw it. Well, not quite but you get my gist. The collection was a lot of exciting prints, lots of jackets with ama-zing belts, all of course very exciting.

Absolutely fresh, gives me a i-can't-wait-until-spring feeling. Fabulous accessories, from the belts (ohmygosh!), footwear, and the jewellery. Check out the necklace she's wearing.

Favourite Designer: Cross between Versace and Marni, I can't decide!

Most wearable: Versace, most definitely.

Most playful: Moschino

Best ideas: Pretty much all of them, but Prada, Marni, and Gucci in particular.