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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dressing Warm, not Bulky

It's snowing here! It's very exciting. Problem is, I was completely caught off guard this morning and didn't have anything to wear. So I ended up wearing six layers of clothing to not freeze.
But I think I should be able to dress warmly without the burden of umpteenth layers.

A good coat

I'm going to avoid puffy jackets/parkas altogether, because even though they're warm, they add about 20 pounds when I wear them. Especially the Juicy Couture ones with the fur trim.

I decided to wear my black wool pea/trench/duffle coat. It's warm, it's coxy, and I think it's a lot more classy than a parka.

Layered shirts

I'm going to look for some tees that can be layered, but not bulkily. Gap has some nice ones, but I don't like their style. Anyone have any suggestions?

Knit sweaters

I usually wear this combo on a cold day: white buttondown, warm knit sweater, jeans, and a coat.
The sweater is warm enough for indoors, but it'll still be only two layers.


They might not seem important, but without gloves, darlings, your hands are going to freeze. So grab yourself a couple of gloves. I prefer knit ones, but leather or waterproof ones are okay.

Today's Outfit
- black denim straightleg jeans
- thick white thermal
- turquoise knit halter (yes there are such things)
- white knit cardigan
- black furry parka
- tan shearling boots

Monday, November 28, 2005

More Boot Talk

In reply to my last post, you suggested I wear ankle boots instead of sandals. It's a great idea, especially for the walk from the bus stop to wherever-I'm -going. So I set off a search for the perfect pair of ankle boots.

I know these aren't strictly ankle boots, they're more.. short calf length. But they're utterly gorgeous. I need them, now.

This is a cute one, I like how they combined a men's work shoes with an ankle boot. I like it, but I don't think I like it enough to justify the $300 price tag.

I like this boot. I think Fyre boots are the nicest and most functional ones to have. This one looks rugged but still would match a lot of outfits. Though it's not quite what I'm looking for...

Now this is what I call a killer pair of shoes. I love the leather, the pleating, the toe, basically everything. Now if it'd just go on sale... $600 for a pair of boots is just a little bit too excessive, don't you think?

I remember seeing a pair of ankle boots at a department store, but I can't remember which store and what brand they were.
They were very beautiful though; bronzy gold metallic with about a 3-inch heel. It was very short, it barely skimmed the ankle and had ruching on it. If you see a pair like these, please let me know.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just for Today


Black, skinny -leg jeans
Seafoam angora cowlneck sweater
Black strappy sandals
Grey newsboy cap
Black peacoat


Gold chandelier earrings
Brown studded hobo bag

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Dressing Up

I went formal dress shopping today, even though I already have a black dress I bought last week. Here's what I bought:

BCBg Max Azria dress I bought. It's gorgeous. I was thinking of going with gold accessories, but thought it might be too, well, predictable.

I went with red and pewter grey layered bead necklaces. Red and green for that holiday spirit, but the grey to make sure it wasn't too tacky and Xmas-y.

I eventually caved into gold/green earrings, and had to buy gold shoes too...

What do you think? A good outfit, or a total disaster? Also, keep in mind that all the accessories are not what I bought, but just pretty good examples of what I have.

Black Friday Wrap-Up

Even after all the black friday blogging, I must admit I did a bit of online shopping. But it was on eBay, for the Stella McCartney line, so I should be excused. What I did do was make a shirt out of some fabric I had. I seem to have hidden sewing abilities!

But anyways. There are some really great DIY sites on the web; a notable one is It's great, it's a forum, and everyone always has really great ideas.

This isn't a DIY site, but is always always always one of my first online stops. There's some much inspiration on how I can wear my clothes in different outfits. While you're there check out too.

I also check for any new designers online. Recently I've found a line called Change. Really cute clothes, fits perfectly, and they've opened a store near me!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


The glossies are saying cardigans are in, knits are in, so on. But the thing is, they all suggest I go out and buy a differen't kind of sweater, all of course, I don't have the money for. So I decided to do a bit of experimentation on the 'granny sweater'.

I own a beautiful red, gorgeous cardigan. The only problem is, the fit isn't exactly, um, fitted, and it's completely granny styled. But I was determined to wear it, someway or another.

I wore the cardi with a white buttondown and black skinny jeans. Amazing how it turned out. So that's another idea, pairing sweaters with buttondowns.

I also pinned it so it was more of a wrap style. I added a brooch and tada, a new sweater!

I had a pale yellow hoodie that I almost never wore, so I decided to add that underneath the sweater. It worked out, even though the hoodie was a sporty style and the cardi wasn't.

p.s. Thanks for your help in deciding what to wear to the formal dance. It's this weekend! I've decided to wear black strappy sandals with butterfly drop earrings. Taking along the beaded clutch as well.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Formal Party Wear

Just taking a break from all the Black Friday blogging, because I needed to talk about some dire dressing issues I've been having.

I have a couple of formal (yes, formal, don't laugh) parties coming up and I honestly don't know what to wear. I've gotten a nice, black, altogether beautiful dress, but accessories!

I don't have a lot of money to spend, so I'm tearing apart my closet looking for some suitable accessories. I've discovered I don't have any gold anything, only have silver jewellery, and a lot of black.

So here's what I have:

Black strappy sandals, or espadrilles, or brown leather sandals

A lot of leather bags, or a beaded black clutch

Silver earrings, or earrings with colour

A silver chain necklaces, or a chunky brightly coloured necklace.


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Essence of Fashion: IV

I was walking down my school hallway, minding my own business, when I realized that almost everyone, everyone, was wearing ultra low rise jeans, a tank top or two, and a zip up hoodie (preferably Juicy). What happened to individuality, own sense of style, and, well, covering up?

Isn't it about time people stopped flashing their butt-cracks whenever they sit down? Or tight tank tops only the ultra-skinny may wear. I think it's about time we realize that tanktops and minis are not okay in the winter.

Here's my challenge. Find a turtleneck sweater, add a higher-waisted pair of pants, and a cover that isn't a hoodie. Can do? I've gotten most of my classmates to try wear sweaters that aren't plunging, try higher waists (though not that high), and overall add a little panache to their outfit.
Best of luck!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Essence of Fashion: III

Every morning when I wait for my bus, there's another person waiting with me. She has the chic-est style. Fitted, tailored clothes, pencil skirts, pointy-toe pumps, pea coats; she is the essence of good style. I never see her taking part in any trends, I have yet to see her in boho clothes or accessories. She has good taste in what she wears and it's always, always immaculate. I think she represents true fashion, clean, classic, and always so so chic. I always see her in different outfits, but she works only a few clothes into different looks.

This morning I got up the nerve to talk to her. It turns out she's a student at the university and works in an office where she is required to wear said clothes. She told me a few tips on how she dresses; I'll write them down as I remember.

1) Black should be your colour safeguard. She's always seen wearing black. Head to toe, most of the time.

2) Add accessories. Scarves, hats, earrings, they all add up to a clean, classic finish.

3) Don't obssess about shopping, but instead figure out how you can work what you've got.

4) Classic goes. Trends come and go, it's better having your own style.

5) Know what you're wearing is gorgeous. When you feel it you show it.

3) Good quality always works

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Essence of Fashion: II

We all know what the word 'sellout' means, right? But thinking about it, I think its' meaning can be stretched out a bit for this topic.
Not only does it mean a person changing themselve for money, it can mean a person changing themselves to fit a special kind of fashion mold. A lot of people wear the same kinds of clothes, buy the same brands, and try to wear as many trends as they can.

In my school, if you look down the hallways, 95% of the girls are wearing TNA, a sportswear/casual brand from a Vancouver chain. Now, the clothes are nice, comfortable, and all that, but come on. Why is everyone wearing it? When I first started in my school, a lot of my friends who didn't wear TNA went out a bought the clothes, just to 'fit in'.

I think we're all losing the meaning of style. What ever happened to uniqueness?


Not wear any designer labels today

Go out and discover a local boutique featuring local designers

Research what kind of clothes people around you all wear, and wear the exact opposite

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Essence of Fashion: I

This morning I received an email from Almost Girl, who is a fashion blogger also. She's come up with this great idea of blogging about Black Friday, which is the biggest shopping day in America. I'm starting a little series I'm calling Essence of Fashion.

There are hundreds, masses, thousands of people who live on a meager sum but still shell out thousands to get the coveted 'it' item, Manolos, LVs, etc. Otherwise known as the 'gold collar generation'. But the thing is, fashion isn't about having the latest item, or wearing the latest trends. It is actually the textbook answer, it's having your own look, and not caring what others think about it.
I have nothing against shopping, Manolos, LVs, Prada bags, the like. But when an entire generation of people start pooling out their money just to get ahold of a pair of shoes, doesn't it sound a bit ridiculous? Truly stylish people don't exactly fit that description; they can look stylish in what they choose, not what the media chooses for them. "I don't do fashion, I am fashion." -Coco Chanel

What you can do:

Try walking a bit taller today. Look up, don't slouch.

Paint your toes bright red.

Give your clothes a DIY makeover. Save money, and extra points for uniqueness.

Try not to wear any designer logos. See if you can pull together a truly stylish outfit.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

If I was a Chelsea Girl...

This season is a revival of the Chelsea Girl style. They were made famous by Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgewick, basically 60s stars. All Chelsea Girls wore everyday were sleeveless sweaters, mock/turtlenecks, striped sweater dresses, flat boots, beret hats, leggings, and super-high platform heels. All in black and white.

You've seen this trend already, but maybe in a bit more subtler way. Noticed how many people wearing leggings? And what about flat boots? Ever seen any of those going around? Exactly.

Here's the thing, it's trendy, it's cute, and it basically looks good on almost everyone.

So pull out your:

1 pair black tights

1 pair skinny jeans

1 white hairband

1 black and white striped top

2 shift dresses, one black, one white

1 pair black leather knee-high boots

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Conversations with VS Supermodels

Yes, yes, the Victoria's secret show is way over. But still. FWD caught up with some supermodels after they strutted their stuff on the VS catwalk and asked some crucial questions.


Gisele Bundchen

Time she woke up: “Uhhh 8:00am…7:30am, actually.”
She ate: “For breakfast I had Honey Nut Cheerios and milk. When I got to the Armory, I had a banana and then for lunch I had two sandwiches with turkey and cheese and mayonnaise and an artichoke salad with peas.”
She prepared: “I had a massage. I was traveling for ten days working in Brazil, Paris, and Ibiza. I just arrived last night and had a big pain in my neck.”

Read more at FWD.

Conversations with VS Supermodels

Yes, yes, the Victoria's secret show is way over. But still. FWD caught up with some supermodels after they strutted their stuff on the VS catwalk and asked some crucial questions.


Gisele Bundchen

Time she woke up: “Uhhh 8:00am…7:30am, actually.”
She ate: “For breakfast I had Honey Nut Cheerios and milk. When I got to the Armory, I had a banana and then for lunch I had two sandwiches with turkey and cheese and mayonnaise and an artichoke salad with peas.”
She prepared: “I had a massage. I was traveling for ten days working in Brazil, Paris, and Ibiza. I just arrived last night and had a big pain in my neck.”

Read more at FWD.

What You'll Wear Next Spring

According to FWD, which is according to a panel of 'experts' they have found a way to predict what we're all going to be wearing next spring! Or, you know, not really.


Just about anything
More subtle touches
Classic, retro kind of styles


Nothing outspoken
Retro styles
No skin-baring clothes(and we've heard this since.. when?)
Velour tracksuits, sportswear casual

Accessories to covet

Micheal Kors belts
B. Fendi bag
YSL smoking shoe

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Quality Me Time..

I spent a good portion of my day shopping. Online, that is. After some knits, cords, and wool clothes later, I found that I was completely at a loss dress-wise. And with formal parties and such coming up, I really desperately needed a dress. Or two.

After looking for dresses online, I found two that I really really liked, and would fit into my budget. So I need your help to decided, the LBD or the cocktail dress?

Twist Front Jersey Dress, 68$

Babydoll dress, 54$

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Wearing Jeans.

I'm v. v. sorry if my headings are uncreative and boring, but pul-lease, I'm not going to go and put a chessy name, like say, 'jean-ius' on my site. Blech.
But back to jeans. I love my jeans as much as the girl next door. Love them. Currently, I'm going through an all-time low of pants, and are rotating only three different pants. I know, the tragedy. So basically, I'm living in my jeans, but I really need to freshen them up right?
In comes in the Internet, fashion advice, and my brain.

1. Try an updated jean skirt. Look for one that falls right above the knee. To make it casual-Friday appropriate, pick a dark rinse with a slight flare or pleats. Wear with a classic tailored shirt or a chiffon blouse.

2. To make hips and butt look smaller, pick boot cut jeans -- their slight flare balances proportions. And remember, the darker the wash the skinnier you look.

7. Look for Lycra. Jeans made with a touch of Lycra are more comfortable than regular denim, and are therefore more expensive. But, they're really worth it.

4. Pull on a denim jacket. For weekends, top almost any outfit -- skirts, a dress, and even your jeans -- with a distressed denim jacket. To make it not so much denim-on-denim, make sure the washes and styles are completely different. As in a distressed light denim jacket, with trouser like darkwash jeans.

5. Add a belt. Pair jeans with a wide suede or leather belt for an instantly trendy look. Now, put those belts on your waist-line for a waist-slimming effect.

6. Avoid extras. Leave bellbottoms, rhinestone appliques, and cutoff waistbands to like, maybe the 80s?

7. Wear a collared shirt, blouse, or anything thats not a tshirt. Wear your summer cami underneath and add a chic fall jacket.

8. A great knit sweater/dress is cozy, deliciously warm, and stylish. Cinch it with maybe a fabric belt, if the knit isn't too heavy. Add a statement hat and you're set.

9. Don't overdo anything. Going out with a scarf, a hat, a belt, a necklace, and earrings with a fancy top and jeans will just look crazy. You'll drown in you clothes.

10. Choose a super-super crop sweater top and layer on top of a dark long shirt. Add bangles and earrings. Put on a hip-slung wide belt.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some ESPing

FWD has predicted next year's 'it' bag. Say hello to the B.Fendi bag; wont be out for a full six months for all of you, but be prepared to see it everywhere. And yes, my dear Balenciaga motorcycle bag fans, those bags are now out.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Accessorize? Yes, yes!

For a supposedly fashionable person, I don't wear nearly enough accessories. It's not that I don't like them, I just don't have time in the morning to pick out earrings, belts, hats, the whole lot. And I would die before I would lay out my clothes in the evening.
I also have trouble matching accessories. I have enough earrings, belts, and scarves to last a siege (yes, one must fashionable in a siege!), but I never bother matching or coordinating them.

But, today I received my weekly 'Bridgette Raes Style' newsletter, and of course, it had 'how to accessorize' as the topic.

'#1 - Silver and Gold isn't the only solution

Don't limit yourself to just silver or gold! Accessorizing is the best opportunity to add a pop of color to an outfit. There are so many exciting jewelry choices out there in wonderful colors in the way of gemstones, beads and other materials. If you are someone who doesnŽ≠™ wear a lot of color in your clothing, go for color in your jewelry. Jewelry is also the best way to bring in the Color Triple Play solution I frequently talk about.

#2 - Balance Points

Your first balance point is found by looking at the visual length of your face and measuring that length with your hands.
Your second balance point is taken by measuring the length from the widest point or your face and measuring that length to your chin.

#3 - Focal Points

In regard to how many accessories you should wear, if you do not want to make too much of an accessory statement then keep it to a minimum, and be sure not to cluster up your accessories in one place on your body. I have a few rules of thumb that I often offer my clients. The first is, if you are wearing earrings that make a statement (like a chandeleir or a larger-sized pair) then keep your neck clean, or choose a understated necklace style. Wearing bold earrings and a bold necklace can be a bit too much. If your necklace is to be more of your statement piece, then choose earrings that are a bit more understated, such as a simple stud style.

#4 - Belting it

I think the classic black and brown belts are staples every woman should own. But in general, belts are tough because so many pants are low rise and it is hard to find a belt that will fit properly. Belts are also tough because many women today don't tuck their tops in, particularly when they are wearing a fine gauge knit. However, if you are tucking in and your pants do have belt loops, be sure to wear a belt as you will look unfinished without one.'

Love Bridgette Raes! My accessorizing savior.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Top Ten... Vogue Style

I'm in a mad, dizzying rush right now. I'm currently trying to do six things at once, but I needed needed to share this.
I was surfing through the vogue site,, and I came across their Top Ten page. Normally I skip it, it's far too above my level of style, and basically just absurd for school. But this time around, it's absolutely fantastic. Nothing new about the trends, but the pictures and the styling? Completely fabulous. Although you might have to tone the oufits down to wear them for everyday life.'s Top Ten

I also advise you to check out their little black dresses page too:)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Eeney Weeny Little Clutches

All Fashion Week, all of the awards shows, you've seen bags galore. And the unanimous favourite handbag style? The Clutch. In every imaginable style, cigarbox, slouchy, ruched, boxy, you name it, they're officially everywhere. They're no longer reserved for the fancy night out, but they're wearable basically anywhere.

Pick yours in a nice, fall fabric:

Or maybe you're more evening than daytime:

For the crazy, daring fashionistas:

[all of these clutches can be found @]

Today's Advice:

Go out shopping, pick out a couple of really, glam, clutches. Pick one you like best, and make four outfits that perfectly coordinate with your clutch. Write the combos down and buy the clutch, (or one like it!)

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Trend of the Month

I'd love to write this and say, the trend of the month is without doubt whatever your style is, but alas, no, it isn't.
But it is, a messy, not-quite-boho(good heavens, boho is sooo out), sort of i-just-tossed-this-on, but chic style. What I'm trying to get at is, November's I can't live without style is the bedraggled, pulled together style.
I know you're going to say, still!, but shh, the completely boho chic look is out, and the fall trend is more polished and pulled together.

Top must haves:

1) foot-less opaque leggings in any solid dark colours.
2) skinny, cigarette style jeans
3) a hat of some sort; Sienna Miller prefers the beret, sometimes fedoras. I personally still like the newsboy cap
4) scarves, preferably crocheted
5) boots; brown leather please!
6) a wool, or at least, knit top
7) belts, anything will work. But please, please not overtly bohemian ones!
8) tons of layered, thin chain necklaces
9) flats flats flats flat shoes!!
10) denim in unexpected places, i.e. a denim vest

And you're don't wear list:

1) Anything polished and sleek, like maybe a jacket that fits
2) baggy, trouser-esque pants
3) think material, think wool, tweed
4) patent leather anything, except maybe in black flats
5) a LBD
6) proper footwear, i.e. closed-toe black pumps
7) pearl anything, jewellery and likewise

(this article was a lesson in irony)

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Age of Glossies

And by glossies, I mean a lot of things; glossy mags, sunglasses, hair, the moviescreen, but for this, at least, I mean lip gloss.

I'm not the most high-maintenance makeup kind of person. In fact, I'm sort of against multiple layers of foundation, base, concealor, the works. But I'm a complete sucker for lipgloss. I guess you could call me the Imelda Marcos of lipgloss, I have over a hundred different types.

FashionWeekDaily's found the most delicious, adorable little glosses ever. Coming in tulip-shaped mini gloss tubes, and covered in Goldie art, the Goldie Mini Lip Glosses are my must-have lipgloss...or at least until the next one comes along.

And for 18$ a kit, who can resist? Get your own at

Thursday, November 03, 2005

La (or is it le?) Muse

Oh well, I'm never going to master french, sigh. But I am, going to master your view of the Balenciaga bag, by showing you the newest 'it' bag.

I know I've quoted that the Chloe Paddington bag, the Balenciaga, etc.etc. are all 'it' bags, but it appears that YSL's newest bag, the Muse Bag, is now officially considered the it bag.

It's been seen toted around by Demi Moore, Kate Moss (is she actually coming back?), and Nicole Kidman.

Oh wait, and isn't Nicold Kidman just pure style in this pic? Let's see, black velvet jacket? check, white blouse, check, oversized leather bag?, check, sunglasses, check. I love her!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

One Look, Four Way Couture

Well, not exactly couture. But you get my gist, no?
I think, the most most most versatile piece for fall are black velvet pants. I don't care what the mags are saying about blazers and tweed, etc.etc.

I've recently bought a gorgeous pair of black, soft, velvet straight-leg pants. I'm in love with them, but problem is, there's hardly anything in my closet I can wear them with. So I did a little work, put together a couple potential outfits, and tada! found I could wear a lot of things with them.

Because they're black, they're incredibly useful. The velvet lends a lot of rich, luxuriousness to the pants. You can almost wear them with anything.

1) Pair them with black flats, a tweed/herringbone blazer with a white knit sweater. Top it all off with a cute cap.

2) Wear a bright tee, add a knit shrug, and pointy toe heels.

3) Tuck the pants into boots, brown preferably. Toss on a cozy turtleneck, and a cropped jacket.

4) A dressy tunic-style top (not a tunic itself, mind you) and a long pea coat is a simple, stylish way to wear the pants. Some metallic ankle boots would give the outfit a twist, but simple black flats will suffice too.

Good luck with your outfits!

Halloween Couture

Something I found amusing...

FashionWeekDaily's Dress-Up Awards

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Like officially, totally, over

Autumn is my favourite season. It's warm, but requires boots, a hat, the newest couture bag, and a coat. And since this fall decided to be winter all of a sudden, I'm sent off scampering for my winter essentials.

I've compiled a short little list about all the things that I've deemed absolutely necessary.

1) A long, luxurious coat, preferably Milly's velvet one.

2) A big, practical yet chic bag.

3) A cute clutch for all of the winter parties

4) A lot of warm, cozy sweaters. C+C California's got that right.

5) Something cashmere (haven't decided yet)

6) Marc by Marc Jacobs. Have my eye on this.

7) A Little Black Dress, a la Audrey Hepburn

8) Heels, to wear with everything.

9) Serious cold weather boots

Come to think of it, the list isn't that short...