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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Anatomy of a Scarf

Hehe, I stole the title for this post from But back to fashion. If you ask anyone who sees me on a regular basic, they will easily testify that I almost always have a scarf draped around my neck.

I'm getting tired of my scarves now. I need more colours and styles, and buying scarves always brings such a thrill. Even more than clothes do (!!!).

Gap has these genius cable scarves that
are absolutely perfect.
I adore Gap scarves for some odd reason.
These come in pretty much all the colours
of the rainbow plus a few more.

Ahhh, cashmere. If you're willing to
spend a bit more money go high-end.
I can't say I like the outfit though. Gloves, scarf,
and a matching hat isn't exactly my idea of hip.
But again it might just be me.

This is the Neiman Marcus Red Cherry scarf.
I think they should rename it to Cheery,
because that's a lot more accurate to
what I think when I look at this.
I've been looking for a scarf this exact
colour and style. So sad there isn't a
Neiman Marcus near me. Sigh.

But I'm not giving up, yet. There's still a few days left of the sales.

I think every single person in this world
should own a silk scarf.
Because honestly, who can resist?
This way of wearing the scarf is so classic,
I really can't wait until I can wear mine like this.
And isn't the Pucci print absolutely

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wish List: Christmas and Beyond

I made up a little list of things that I desperately need; then I remembered I could put them up here, for all to enjoy.

1) Black, long sleeved sweater-style shirt. Why I can't seem to find one anywhere under 30$ is quite a mystery.

2) Bottle of shampoo, apple scented.

3) New scent. My old is getting tired. I'm leaning towards one with fruity notes.

4) Flat-front trouser pants. Possibly in a grey or black wool.

5) Red knitted scarf. Without a fringe, please.

6) Silk skinny scarf. I saw them at Gap, but now they're gone. I am as completely mad as you are for not buying them then.

7) A watch. I've been living as long as it is without one.

8) Pumps. My feet need some solid comfort after all the stilettos.

9) A pair of boots that are 'of the moment'

10) Cashmere sweater...

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Layering Tees

I mentioned a while back that I was having trouble looking for lightweight warm tees to layer. After a few helpful comments later... I found the tees I wanted.

Gap got some new stock... and with it some V-neck shirts. This color paired with a cream one would look perfect. I like how it's versatile; you can wear it with a cami, layer it, by itself.. whatever.

One of you pointed out American Apparel. I never knew there was such a place. It's pretty good, it's great for basics in good quality, but lacking in trends.
But for the purpose of this post, it's great. The tees not too flattering on the model, but it's apparently really great for layering.

If you're looking for really cheap stuff, where else but target? I love the colour style and versatility. Great place, target is, indeed.

Friday, December 16, 2005

What were they thinking?

It appears that a couple of stores think ''stirrup pants'' are the new trend. Please. I thought the only time I would ever see them again was in those Archie comics. But apparently, and Urban Outfitters is jumping on the bandwagon with this, owning stirrup pants are chic.

Stirrup pants are only meant to be worn as soccer socks. Do not, for whatever reason, wear them in a regular daily outfit. Foot less leggings, sure. Just not stirrups.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

And Check out..

StyleDiary's annual Holiday Style special. I love looking at the gorgeous party outfits everyone has. It makes me feel like a country bumpkin, the way so many people pull together their ensembles.

What I've found out:

Dresses, but with jackets/shrugs always

Clutches are a must. Especially large, square embellished ones.

Don't do matchy-matchy. Black dress should not equal black shoes.

My favourite outfit so far. I like how it seems so tossed-on-at-the last moment, but still polished.

Cowboy + Cowboy = Not Good

Cowboy is indefinitely out. Even with Brokeback Mountain bringing back a new interest in cowboy fash, I must say head-to-toe cowboy is now a faux-pas.

Just go to any cheap trend-following shoe/clothing store. Intuition, for example. What's filling up their shelves but cowboy boots?

Even my fashion-oblivious friend eventually noticed all the girls in town running around in western boots. And when anyone fashion-oblivious notices a trend, you know the trend's over.

Example: Do not wear the shoe on the right, or anything resembling it. Noone wants to look like Jessica Simpson.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Full on Grooming is Back

Kaiser Karl felt the need to teach women how to dress, even going to the extent of closing down stores for a little fashion show on impeccable dressing.

He says he felt the need to bring back the aura of Coco Chanel back to the way people dress. She had a really immaculate, clean, classy, and of course, fashionably tasteful sense of style. Lagerfield wants to bring fashion back to how it was in the days of Coco.

What he means, is, that clean, classic grooming is back. And so much the better for us. It's holiday season, and what better way to show off our style with tasteful pieces?

And of course, what designer does classy better than Chanel?

Love the red bag. I can imagine the bag with a black pencil skirt and tweed blazer. The shoes are nice, but a bit too retro to match the bag.

Marc Jacobs does a pretty good job with handbags. I love the his quilted purses. For me, quilted leather bags mean understated glam.

Classic style tips

Pencil skirts, A-lines, blazers, pea coats, wraps

Wool, tweed, patent leather, linen, cotton

Good tailoring, make sure it fits, even to the tiniest detail

Quality. Good quality usually shows it

Really use your judgement. Be hard on yourself. If you think something is inappropriate, then don't wear it.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Boot Countdown

It's only seven days untill my holiday, and what better way to celebrate than to look at gorgeous shoes? Counting down with the best shoe of all, the boot.

So cute. Suede, wrap around, calf length. It's beautiful, and it's definitely in my price range at urban outfitters. But the orange is throwing me off. Do they have different colours? Actually, the orange is ugly, and the grey socks don't help. Someone please let me help the poor stylists at UO.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Doo.Ri Interview @ FWD

FWD has up a delightful little interview with Doo.Ri. She talks about how hectic the fall collections are, fabrics she uses, and her new move. Recommend you check it out: Doo.Ri

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I wanna, I wanna, I got to have it

I've been away on holiday, so when I came back, I decided to have a look at the Neiman Marcus Spring Preview. And it was love at first sight.

I absolutely need the Lauren Merkin Eve clutch. Preferably more than one. They're gorgeous, practical, and come in absolutely every shade of the rainbow.

I have my eye on the snakeskin one. Starting 2006, I've decided to start my collection of Lauren Merkin clutches. Too bad the blog wont let me upload any pictures, or you could have all admired the beauty of the bags.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sweater Dress/Coats

I love sweaters. Especially knit ones. So when I heard sweater dresses and coats were no longer a major fashion faux-pas I was a very happy person indeed. What I'm having trouble is, wearing them in a chic way. So by doing a little fashion site research (FSR, as i call it) and came out of my sweater-wearing hole.

I plan to wear it with a denim mini, warm patterned tights, and some boots. It's a 80s workout sort of vibe, but minus the leg warmers. I plan to add a black blazer to make it a bit more 21th century and, well, cooler. Leg warmers are so not hot.

I have a sweater cardigan/coat that I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. You see, the sweater doesn't have buttons on it, so it's impossible to close. The answer? A belt. I like this belt because it'll go well with the colour of the sweater, jade green. But anything will go.
I think some tan knee-high suede boots and light wash denim will go well with the rest. Maybe a black hat...

Some other ideas...

A cami, the sweater, and a cord blazer on top.

Cuffed jeans, argyle socks, and a beige sweater dress.