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Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Years Eve Prep

1) Wash with fabulous Papya Body Scrub from The Body Shop

2) Outfit: denim pencil skirt, gray jersey blouse, cropped purple cardi, tights and black heels

3) Makeup: lots of charcoal Clinique eyeshadow, bit of blush, Lancome mascara

4) Hair: tie up in no-fuss bun

5) Spritz some body spray

6) Slip on shoes

7) Last check in mirror, lipgloss on

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve and Welcome 2007!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Time Flies By When There's Everything To Do

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on my presents. And as one can only read "He lost his limbs but not his soul"(MSN) articles so many times, here are pictures.

I apologize for the sideways photo. But at any rate, my gorgeous new necklace is above. It hasn't been off my neck since god knows when, all I need is a tag with my name/address/socialsecuritynumber and I'll never be lost again. But then again, not such a good idea.

A bigass watch from Aldo. One of two boxing day spoils (Seriously, I feel like I'm getting old. Last year I could shop for hours and come out with six bags of quality crap and now I'm exhausted after buying two items. Two!).

The face is bigger than my cheek, and the plastic links clink together since my wrist is too small for it. Nothing could be better. Oversized everything, for life!

Monday, December 25, 2006

The Last Christmas of 2006

Following Isabel's lead, here are the oh-so amazing gifts waiting under the tree for me.

- A red bead necklace, charming because of its' dark red colour and perfect length.
- Body Shop atomiser (I plan on creating a collection of atomisers. Reason? No reason)
- Black maryjane heels
- Cranberry viscose scarf
- Audrey Hepburn Treasures hardcover !
- Marie Antoinette soundtrack

Clearly, I am too spoiled.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Practical Christmas

Cocktail dresses are pretty to look at, let's get this straight here. Ogling dainty heels and frocks rank high on my time-filler list. But to be honest, as a high school student, I'm not going to be going to any cocktail parties during the holidays. Or even anyplace that merits a chichi satin clutch (although I would take one to, say, grocery shopping).
Christmas style has always meant, for me, cozy knits (yes, even those hideous reindeer-splattered box sweaters).
I love playing glamour girl probably more than the next girl, but Christmas morning (and the week before, and after..) is when you're allowed to wear your PJs and drape a cardi over yourself to go and make yourself a big mug of Camino hot chocolate. When a peacoat and scarf is the only thing you need other than your most tattered jeans/sweats for your coffee run.
Have a wonderful holiday, all you chic people!

Friday, December 22, 2006


There's nothing like a bit of glitz to cheer up (or kick off) your winter break. And nothing ever will come close to being as spectacular as a pair of uber-shiny, worn-in leather, gold oxfords. Can you say perfect?
Peeping out from a pair of wool trousers, or being the highlight in an all-black ensemble, even with the most feminine of skirts. It's the perfect mix of overconsumption and restraint.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

When It's All Falling Down

Why I haven't been blogging, I have no idea. It's not like I've been swamped with school, or other activities. I have, however, been lying around listening to old Tragically Hip CDs (haha, don't laugh) and dreaming of Christmas.

Current obsessions:

Revlon nail polish in a burgundy shade, with a slight metallic overlay

Clinique lipstick (A Different Shade of Grape) that's curiously the exact same shade as the aforesaid nailpolish and a cameo ring of mine

3/4 sleeve tops

Gift swapping, and eating all of the chocolate in the household before Christmas

School officially finishes on December 22nd, so expect actual posts and more frequent (I promise, I promise for real this time!) posting.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Lee Miller, War Photographer

Indubitably, this is the season of the icon. Films, articles, editorials on muses and style idols from all decades are being pushed at us from all angles. Edie Sedgewick, Marie Antoinette, Audrey, the list goes on.

After finding articles/feature in magazines (Swindle and Nylon respectively), my idolizing has been turned to Lee Miller. She was an amazing photographer in the 20s and 30s, and (in my humble opinion), really captured the essence of the war-torn, flapper-girl era.

Discovered by Conde-Nast, became a model, studied portraiture and photography, became muse/photography assistant to Man Ray, and then became a 'tographer herself. I find it amazing that she was able to accomplish this in the 20s. In the 60s, it wouldn't seem unnatural, but back then, women were still being ostracized and the fact that she lived such a glamourous life is pretty darn impressing.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Opulence At Its' Finest

Call me stubborn, or just strange, but I'm wishing it's spring. It's kind of a funny story, since all summer I was all about ankle boots and chunky sweaters, and now all I want to wear is beautiful spring dresses and light coats.
It's over-saturation, I know it. You get so excited for a certain trend to hit the stores (ahem, ankle boots) that when they actually do get there, the love affair's all over.

Everything the stores do, Etsy does it better. The handcrafted jewellery and well, everything, is just so amazing and cannot be beat. I'm totally in love with this necklace.

Can't you imagine wearing a skirt as such with a gorgeous swing coat and bright flats?

The only time you can get away with delicate, low-cut flats is in spring. Summer is too warm for closed-toe shoes, and fall/winter is just too wet and cold.

Hi, can you follow me home? I can't afford you right now, but I swear you'll be worn frequently and lovingly. Ah, the joys for perusing Anthropologie.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Too Good To Be True

Tell me, what exactly is a snowboot crossed with a pompom-topped scrunchie? The answer, mes amies, is this hideous thing. Payless has gone the way of the inane yetis, expecting us to buy such monstrosities in a post-Christmas, Boxing Day fit of madness. Which is actually probably true. Oh, I feel guilty now.

The boot has potential though, which makes the whole thing so much more sad. It could probably work as a copy (excuse me, interpretation) of those crazy Lacoste puffa boots that were all over the Lacoste shows.
Why the weird moon-boot soles? A sleeker, less chunky sole, without all those plastic criss-crossing action would be nice. And the puffiness could be nicer without the dangly pompoms and a longer length.

Sometimes, it's just nice to bitch unnecessarily at a pair of shoes.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frosty is Back in Black

Wait for it everyone... it's snowing! It's extremely confusing, because Vancouver never snows, especially not in November. Nontheless, snow is very exciting, and I'm already singing Christmas carols. Funny how a little snow makes everyone think of the holidays.

Clothes-wise, the extreme cold weather (about -6 degrees Celsius, and Vancouver shuts down with warnings of 'treacherous winds' and 'dangerously icy roads') makes it kind of hard to dress for sucess.
Then again, it provides ample reason for lots of layers and to bring out your shearling boots from the back of your closet. Even Uggs seem marginally acceptable (don't shoot me, don't shoot me).

For my own personal list, I'm on the hunt for a beautiful puffer vest.

Gap has this one, with adorable AE-style birds.
Theres this from American Eagle itself too.
A cute and cheap one from Old Navy.
Fur-trimmed at Urban Outfitters.
Banana Republic has a sleek black.

Decisions, decisions.

Btw, does anyone know where I can find a vintage camera? Preferably Nikon or Canon, but really anything with an adjustible lens is fine. I suppose I can always go buy a new one, but the old ones are always better, non?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Des Affiches

Designers are always saying that they draw influences from everywhere. I never really understood this; how does one make clothing out of reading a book or watching birds?

Well, I think the whole concept might be understandable now. After reading The Shipping News, a book set on the Newfoundland coast, fishermen have been on my mind. Their ways of life, homes, clothing, everything in general. Salt water crashing on wind-worn rocks and hardy trees growing on desolate craggy rocks.

I especially have their clothing in mind. No miracle there, huh? I like how clothing was used for more protection than adornment. Every article had a purpose and all were well worn. Also that mostly everything was handmade and scrap-like appeals to me. Which leads me to:
Doesn't this hat remind you of fish? If I were a fisher(wo)man I would have a hat like this.

Super baggy pants are something that I've been strangely drawn to lately. Also wool anything.

The sweater would have be very thick, made out of wool. Think of a thick sweater with slightly unraveling parts and faded patches. All homemade and oversized from stretching out.

Rainboots would be essential, but I can't see a fisherman/woman wearing loud pink printed galoshes. In my ideal, they would wear pratical yet chic gumboots. They wouldn't be called rainboots. Gumboots.

All of that would be topped with an X-Large rainjacket. It would go down to the knees but would still be fitted around the shoulders. It surprises me how much I've put into this without noticing.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Factory Girl Trailer

Nothing To Say: Absolutely Nothing

I don't have anything of interest to say. But -

Was reading Adbusters' article about water consumption yesterday. The article was saying how soon our water sources will be depleted if we continue to consume and waste vast amounts of water like we're doing now.

Today Vancouver is having a water "crisis" (if you could call it that). The tap water was somewhat contaminated and it's being advised not to drink. That in itself is not a problem - but seeing people rushing about buying out all the bottled Aquafinas in the store is. I'm not saying it's not right, even my family is doing that right now. But doesn't it seem like a bit of a waste, since inevitably a lot of that water is going right down the sink?

The current incident just makes me realize something I never really thought about before..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Question of Extreme Doubt

A leather jacket has been on my to-buy list for an extremely long time. I haven't bought one yet, because a) Most are far too expensive (100$ +) and b) I'm picky and the jacket must be beautifully fitted.
I dropped by my favourite consignment store and lo and behold! a leather jacket! It fits pretty well - it's not perfect but better than some others I've tried. It's probably pleather, but that isn't much of an issue for me, other than longetivity. 15$ is the price.

The jacket is probably extortionally cheap, and my first thought was to get it as soon I brought the money.
But I'm having some doubts now: will I wear it enough? I'm not sure if a leather jacket is the best thing to wear at school, so that cuts out a lot of wearing time. Furthermore, I just dropped 50$ on another jacket that I'm not wearing enough.

Need your honest opinion: Yes or No?

(picture from The Sartorialist)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wearing Today: A Hatty Tale

I have oh so many hats, but I never ever wear any of them. There isn't even a good reason. Par example: The coat+jeans outfit is my to-go wear 24/7. But then I had the hat and somehow if feels more finished and polished. I call it train-conductor-chic.

The takeout sushi and mocha are all part of the outfit. I like to think it gives me an air of urbanity, but mostly I'm just making a huge dork out of myself.

P.S. I need to share this with you all.

Rules To Live By Concerning Mochas

1) If you're at Starbucks, get the Peppermint Mocha when you can. It tastes that much better and you aren't left with that icky aftertaste in normal Starbucks mochas. ALSO, ask for a tall/grande extra-hot, non-fat, no-whip, peppermint mocha. You'll thank me later.

2) When buying mochas from small boutique coffee shops, always get the full fat version. It might be 800 calories or the like, but it is so worth not eating for the rest of the day. Soo worth it.

3) Mochas are best paired with either a tweed coat or a peacoat. And a hat.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When In Doubt, Buy The Hat

It's time to recap. I'm a strong believer in "You can never have enough basics" so I'm always buying them.

So! What I need:

- the perfect gray tee. Trademark
- more tees in various colours
- white cardigan
- lightweight sweater dress (I would like to wear it in spring too)
- knee high boots
- sleek black denim skirt
- burgundy pashmina
- tights in various colours (I'm a convert, and now an addict)
- oversized drapey cardigan

Why does the list never shrink?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

In Which I Wholly and Profoundly Profess My Love

I remember just last month I was swearing Teen Vogue was the one and only magazine that I would truly and wholly love. Everything else was just a sham.

But then there was me, at the bookstore (trying to sell pointsettias, damn school fundraiser) casually flipping through magazines, when I came across Nylon. Okay. So Nylon's not new to me, but the only time I've seen them in person is at trend-whor-y Aritzia.

(Pshaw, anything at Aritzia has to be overprized and terrible.)

So I thought. But Amber Tamblyn! Seriously, I love her and she has been nowhere after Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Flipping a bit more through the mag, and I see crafty, kitschy-chic editorials and advice columns. Crazy harajuku-style outfits and spotlights on truly spotlight-worthy individuals. A smile creeps up my face.

But the best part about Nylon is, you can get it FREE ONLINE. Yes, it warrants capitals. Mwah, mwah, mwah!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I've been in a bit of a rut this week. Outfits were/still are uninspired and quite ugly. But I managed to take some pictures of the not-extremely-hideous-eye-blinding ones.

See? Not so inspired. But I still love this, I think because of the linen bag. And I'm going military jacket'd! Last season trend, but who can't love them? Practical and kind of fashionable.

Obviously I haven't worn this any time near. Not when I'm freezing my toes and fingers typing this. But oh glorious spring outfit! The belt is a tooled grey leather, and the clutch has a flower-ish print. I still need to work on this though, it looks a bit too much like a robe.

Best outfit je sais. Although it was a bit ago, now it's too cold to wear this without tights. Thick wooly ones at that too.

Okay, take that back about the other outfit being the best. This is the best, undoubtedly. Pinstriped, pintucked buttondown, wooly scarf, and favourite jeans. I fell in love with this when I put on a fleece topper, and the collar peeped out. In a decidedly adorable way.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Super Saavy

I've been taking a few days off from blogging, partially because it's been completely mad, but mostly because I wanted a few days to think.

There's so many components of fashion/style/trends/looks/etc. that have been swimming around in my head that I wanted to clear myself of them. Also to ask myself some things(call it attemtping to dredge from my subconscious). The ye ole questions: "What is fashion?" "What is style?" have been mulled over, but I mostly wanted to ask myself this: "Why do I care the way I do and why is it so important to me?"

The elements of style (as I like to think of them) have been drilled into my head. (Summa 'Style is what makes you look and feel good' 'Cleanliness is next to godliness' ...the list goes on) and I know for sure that I am interested in fashion. But the deep, philosophical reason I was searching for? Nonexistant.

I got interested because I discovered fashion blogs and the fact that dressing well made me feel happier. And I continued caring because nice clothes and good styling continued to make me happier and I was intrigued by the whole fashion, economy, world.

This last month or so, however, I've been frustrated with my closet, my outfits don't appeal to me, and articles on fashion shows/economy/magazines/celebrites bore me. Shopping just adds to my misery; more clothes equal more clothes to be angry with. All inspiration has disappeared and perhaps I am suffering from a depressive phase(actually I think the latter is studying bipolar too much). I do hope it's a phase (think teenage angst?) because despite all my complaints I really do love fashion with the core of my being.

( Sorry about the ranting, lovely superficial fashion posts forthcoming shortly. Just wanted to get this out of my system)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Goodness of Boots

Did I mention that I'm an obssessive kind of person? Monthly, weekly, daily, I like and get over various things like that. Sometimes it'll be seasonal (iced tea in the summer, mochas in the winter, that kind of thing) but when it has to do with clothes, I get over trends fast.
Some various items last longer, the biggest obssession of mine being boots.

Possibly because of the fact that I don't actually own very many pairs. Two years ago it was cowboy boots; last year it was wedge-heeled suede. Right now I'm digging really simple, flat-heeled kneehighs. Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit fits the bill.

Aldo has a lot of nice pairs going around. The other day at their Liquidation store, I spotted a pair of devastating lace-up motorcycle boots. I'm seriously regretting not being born into a multi-millionaire family.

And ankle boots: It's kind of a long story (and you'll know if you've been reading this) but I've fallen in love, nearly bought, and broken up with ankle boots in the space of a month. But these are cute, so if you're all into booties.. here's one for you.

Then there's rain boots. Here's a picture I stole from MyStyleDiary, and it's seriously, seriously cute. I already have a pair of rubber boots, but I think I need another. I could continue along this thread for a lot longer, but I should stop with this one comment:

Oversize blazer + bright hoodie = Total Love.

Friday, October 13, 2006

State of the World, MC-Style

- oversized boyfriend cardigans
- Old Navy
- chunky knits
- knitting
- satin flats
- kneehigh boots
- plaid shorts
- patterned tights
- denim
- pearl earrings
- cool sneaks
- white chocolate mochas
- understated jewelery
- bold colours with no accessories
- effortless chic

- double chocolate chip frappucchinos
- over-accessorizing
- super wide belts
- Gap
- uncomfortable shoes
- looking too pulled together
- trashing your closet looking for clothes
- summer transition weather (When is it going to be fall? I wanna break out the fall gear, man!)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Chain Store Loving, Because You Do Too

Old Navy has outdone itself. Their fall clothes are by far better than Gap, which is quite an accomplishment. I adore the Gap.
So the clothes at Old Navy, see, they are truly excellent and make me want to whip out oodles of cash. In exchange for cheap, made-in-Phillippines, but lovely clothing.

I would like the following items, fairy godmother:

- flower-printed henley, because I love it
- super-thin, graphic tee
- cable knit cardigan in Grape Jelly
- basic twin-set cardi for those windy days
- tiered jersey dress
- denim capris, they look so kitschy easy
- faux-leather 2 pocket tote
- babydoll henley, preferably two
- pintucked shirt, in pink
- glitter flats

Now all I need is a 100$ gift certicate..

L'Amour and Homage

I've been busy being sick and celebrating Thanksgiving. In the meanwhile, I hope you've been checking out Daddy Likey? (I know there's a link in the sidebar, but as a pathetic person myself, I know it's sometimes hard to find things)

"Having a friend who works at Coach (and gets 50% off) is kind of like knowing a high-profile drug dealer. As soon as people find out that I've got this connection, their eyes widen and their voices get low and they start saying things like "Can you hook me up?""

How can you not love it? Winona is a 5-star blogger that I happen to love. She has far better taste in clothes than me, from what I've gathered.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Hotness

The angle of the shot is weird. My feet look like... squibs. Or something. Anyhoo, I'm sure the tee is far more interesting than my feet. Unless you have a foot fetish or something, which is really kind of creepy and you shouldn't be staring at my feet. They're private. Well, not really because I'm posting them here, and, you should be getting the point. Kapeesh.

Umm. Yes. Back to the tee. Just how supremely awesome is it? It's my darling shirt, the newest one to add to my collection.

The story behind it is a Zara story. P (she's become quite a regular, hasn't she?) and I went there for the cardigans (Nonexistant! It was a hoax!) but the tee was enough compensation.
Imagine it with crimson tights, and/or maybe a plaid miniminimini skirt. Black skinnies, or regular jeans. Oh, the possibilities!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Friends and the Formal

So first of all this isn't me, or I suppose me as you usually think of me. To be a bit clearer, I am the one previously referred to as "P". I believe it also said I tell lame jokes but anyways...

Anyways Miss C. and I went shopping the other day, as I'm sure you'll hear about later. We decided it was time to start looking for formal dresses, because Christmas is only a couple of months away, right? Last year we did do one formal dress shopping trip, but neither of us, or any of our friends found the perfect dress. I don't see how I can get away with wearing the same second hand dress for a third year, and our beloved Miss C couldn't possibly borrow a dress of her mother's again.

So we are presented with the problem of finding the absolutly perfect, stylish, mature, flattering and original dress possible. All for one night out. How do we manage this with our limited budgets? Any suggestions?

EDIT: Yes, that was the fabulous P. She's odd but I'm sure you understand.. right? And formal dresses! The Winter Formal is in December, and last time I checked, it's October. But I digress. Dresses are pretty to look at.

The top two are my picks and the others are P's. God it's annoying to keep typing P. Anyhow you can sort of tell the different in styles by the dresses we picked.

Anthro, 89$. Bluefly, 109$, 89$, and 99$ respectfully.

The prices may be cheap for some chaps, but to us it's wayway too pricey for a one-night-dress. There's a whole whack-load of pretty dresses for 30$ less (Oh my god! Dresses on the cheap!) at Forever 21 but the pictures won't work. Besides, I would never be able to get to a Forever 21.

This was really surprising. Old Navy has dresses! 30$ and 20$. How totally hot is the grey one? It's very Anthropologie. The brown one is pretty boring, but it's the kind of dress that makes you look about 10 pounds thinner, so there.

How fierce are the red shoes?
As for the white ones... the heel lights up. I think it's love.

Random Facts During School

You should be proud of me. I'm blogging and I'm at school, supposedly doing my socials homework. Ha.

But this is what I learned today:

- Eyeshadow can be used as eyeliner when wet.
- If you use dark lipstick and line your lips then smudge, it's subtle enough for the hallways.
- Tetris is hard.
- It's hard to find interesting party ideas.
- How much does a Newly Released DVD cost?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Still Not Giving Up

I froze my butt off in my mini today. Maybe not so good idea. Cold.

Plus the outfit was uber-boring, if effortless. The tee says 'can't concentrate' btw. Also, note to self: buy new denim mini. Current one falling apart.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Most Solemn Vow

I love old magazines. Of course new magazines are great, with all their glossiness and up-to-the-minute fashion goss, but old ones have a certain charm. You can look at begone trends and laugh, get tons of inspiration, and so on so forth.

Being stranded in a library has its' benefits. Especially when it's a huge multi-story one in downtown Vancouver. I picked up a tattered Teen Vogue (circa March 2005) and I'm currently reading it again.

On this page is model Querelle (spring 05's catwalk darling) and she says "I wear basics tees and minis all the time that I dress up with vintage accessories" I take that as a challenge, people!

This week I will wear basic tees and denim minis as my basic outfit formula. Only outer layers (sweaters, jackets) and accessories will be allowed. Okay, scratch that.
If it's really cold, I suppose jeans will be a good enough compromise. I will duly post pictures.

Day : 1
How's this for determined?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Know You Want It

I am in depths of dazzling bright happiness. A very skinny, smartly-dressed woman came up to me and complimented me. Quest-ce que c'est le compliment?

"You know, you look like Irina Lazareanu."

Now why anyone would say I looked anything like her is The Great Mystery Of The Year. But until someone solves it, I can bask in the glory that someone told me I looked like her! (Insert hyperventilation her)

Perhaps it's the hair. I've aspired to be Irina in a second life, and to duly prepare I chopped super-blunt, slightly chunky bangs. My hairstyle in one phrase is "Side-swept Irina bangs"

In case you doubt me:

(Yeah, I rock the emo glasses baby)

See how I look nothing like Irina? Either than lady was a bit loco or my hair does slightly resemble it. Opinions s'il vous plait!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess the Knockoff

Alright, technically both are knockoffs of the vastly copied Louboutin shoe, but for the sake of this, let's ignore that.
Both shoes are nearly identical: Patent leather, stacked pointy heel, and peep toes. Other than the slingback they are nearly identical shoes.

Gametime! The person to correctly guess which one is the higher-end, less knockoff-y and name where each shoe comes from....

No big prizes, but you will earn my esteem as a superb fashionista and if you like, feature your blog/site/whatever on Miss Couture.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Les Petites Tortuires

I've been bad. As every self-respecting shopaholic knows, you're not truly a full-fledged shopaholic unless you're always telling yourself to try to spend less. It's Rule Numero Uno.

But then again, you're also not a crazy obssessive clothes-craving shopper if you're not breaking the rule. All. The. Time.

So back to the story. On my way home I passed by this boutique named Queenlin (what a sad name for a shop, huh?) where they boasted a "All Items for $6" sign. The sales-savvy me wouldn't let me pass the shop, so in I went. My lucky day!

What I noticed:

-Perfectly worn-in swashbuckling boots. Black leather, but sadly not in my size.

-Slouchy ankle boots. In my size. Ooh la love.

-Delightfully ugly faux-Birkin bags. Going for $100+. I would so carry one of those around, just so I can say "I'm a fashion victim with style!"

-Clunky orthopaedic-style T strap shoes. I would have deemed these hideous! horrible! but somehow they are very compelling. And for $12 I might just go and buy the sodding shoes.

-Kitschy, extremely polka-dotted skirts.

-Even more glorious kitsch stuff. Like huge oversized cardigans with funky animal prints.

From what I've written so far it may look like all I did was take notes. But fear not my friends! I didn't just leave without getting someone out of it. I left with this amusing little item.

Ignore the music notes in the background, s'il vous plait and focus your attention on the attention-grabbing purple skinny belt. No idea what to wear it with, but for now just having it is good enough.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

LFW: The Best of the Best

This year's New York Fashion Week sucked. Not because I missed it, no; there were tons of coverage everywhere and I still didn't like it one bit. The colours were off, the trends showcased just seemed to be exact replicas of last season, and basically it was a huge yawn.

From what I see, London Fashion Week seriously just kicked New York's butt. It used to be the artsy, indie and not-so-exciting sister of the glitzy and glam NYFM. Role reversal, anyone?

Preen rocks my world. The palette was muted classics: White, Beige, Black. Then 3 Yellow Dresses smack in the middle. Cause what would London Fashion Week be without bright yellow dresses?

Aquascutum was, as put in's reviews "lacked the oomph from the previous seasons." Boring Beige sacks on display, along with the seriously misled design of the last photo. Primary color stripes do not go well with a heavily pintucked safari suit. Tss. The yellow leaf-motif skirt was the most inspired (and colorful) item on the runway, if I had to pick.

Now this is one inspired show! Crazy stripes, lots of lace, and black plaid everywhere for Erdem. How much do I love the intricately beaded little chiffon number? Now this, is what I call the epitome of quintessential British style.

Chaiken featured lots of bright blue/yellow satin, gauzy long dresses, and funny straw fedora-ish hats. Are we supposed to start wearing straw hats? Is it a trend? I am seriously so confused about all this satin and straw pairing. But the dresses are cute.

Creme de la creme:
Giles Deacon
Roksanda Itincic

Hated Few:
Paul Smith Women
Christopher Kane

There's some intensive LFW coverage over at I Am Fashion and of course, if you want to peruse more collections of your own.