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Monday, May 22, 2006

Me and the Vintage World

So. I don't really like thrift stores. I have nothing against the idea, it's just that here, the only thrift stores you can find are the horrible government ones. I can't remember their names just this second. I went in one once and the clothes were horrible. But very cheap I have to admit.

Anyways, instead of thrift stores, I've found consignment stores. They are not the same thing, at least in my point of view. Consignment stores are neat, organized, and most importantly have clothes people actually want to buy. Just chic-ified.

So the fruits of today's consignment shopping adventure include:

one pair of pink vintage flats
one pair of slouchy shorts
one gray embroidered hoodie
two red sweaters
one brown tank

But no graphic tees. Harrumph.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Super long post as compensation

Have you ever had one of the days where you remember something horribly important and have only just remembered it?

Yeah, today was one of those. Except not just one thing. First off, I remember a project for Socials class to be handed in on Tuesday. It was on the clothing of the Iroquois/Huron people and seemed like an easy and fun topic. But it wasn't. The only thing I found was that they took animal skins and pickled them in deer brains.
But this has absolutely nothing to do with remembering things and definitely not fashion in general.

So the other thing I realized was that the t-shirt I got at the Death Cab for Cutie concert was MIA. Completely gone AWOL. I've checked everything, including under the sink where I find everything. It was my only concert tee (not counting my Black Eyed Peas tank, since I never actually went to the concert) and now I've gone and lost it.


Yes, so I need to go tee shopping. For witty, interesting, actually funny shirts. Not David and Goliath, cause although their tees are cute, I want to find something... well, unique. It's a daunting task.
Starting at Richmond Centre. There was this little vendor that sold slogan tees. Some of them were pretty funky and cool, but waay out of my budget. And the rest were just sad.

Now I'm stuck. Anyone know where to find them in Vancouver? Sometimes I just hate Vancouver.