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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anthropologie makes the world go round

I've always admired Anthropologie's clothes. And their shoes. And bags. Basically all their stock really.

Since I can't afford them, and obviously don't have a Anthro near me anyways (being in Canada and such), lusting after them on the website was as far as I'd get.

However, the sale prices I may be able to afford, and recently I've grown less afraid of shopping online. Therefore, my favourites:

Anthropologie is the place to go for dresses. Especially pretty yet cute yet whimsical dresses like this one.

I adore it. And its basically half price!

This top is so simple and boring, but if you look carefully it's not. I've completely and utterly fallen in love with it.

If only if I was as awesome as the people at craftster.
I'd be able to whip myself up a shirt just like this.

But sadly, as I have no talent in the sewing department, it is yet another dream.

Did I tell you about the time I cut up a blouse to try and make it look somewhat like this blouse?
Needless to say, I ruined a perfectly good shirt,
and I still want the top.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Art of Shoes

School! Is Over! Summer is here!

Anyways as I always do on the last day of school, me and some friends took a little shopping detour in Kerrisdale during the last half of school.
And after laughing at the clothes in GapKids, and looking at the deals in the consignment stores.
Oh! Did I mention the totally fab quilted bag I found there? Except I couldn't really buy it, so I must go tomorrow. Hopefully it hasn't vanished by then. It's only THREE dollars! I have to have it.

So... after all that, we went to visit our favourite shoe store and looked at the new shoes. I always go to the Keds and see what new ones they have.
I've always wanted the Skimmers, and these Champions, and the printed Champions, but um, this really annoying girl already has ALL THREE.

I can't really go out and buy them now, can I?

Thankfully, she hasn't gotten to the newly-in-stock-at-my-school Kasbah ballet flats. Aren't they gorgeous?

So my new goal for the summer is too, um, drink lots of Starbucks iced teas and figure out an outfit with these flats and the aforesaid black quilted bag.

Any helpers? The bag is classy, Chanel style with a chain strap, and the shoes, well you can see.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Summer time blues

It's summer now folks! Already June the third. But somehow I feel very depressed and sad all of a sudden.
Could it be:

1) My annoying seasonal allergies fading away and now I don't have an excuse to whine
2) My arms are hurting after pinching myself yesterday
3) Not buying that gorgeous sweater and inducing said pinching

Any one of those could send me into a corner, but luckily I've discovered another hobby just in time to save my impending depression.

Not your grandma knitting. No bobbles, ugly yellow yarn, and rocking chairs. Although rocking chairs are cool. But then again they make me sick.
Anyways, knitting is the new it hobby. All the girls in my sewing class have suddenly taken up knitting. Now instead of the sound of broken lawnmowers coming from our sewing machines, all we hear are the click-click of knitting needles.

Is it just my school, or is knitting suddenly spreading?
I'm currently knitting a purple sweater that I'm hoping to finish for fall. Or winter. I've already made one finished project, which was a short red scarf. Not to mention lumpy and holey. But that's besides the point.