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Monday, July 31, 2006

Pre-Shopping Frenzy

I still have a good two hours to go before I take off to shop. And Anna from Flaws of Perfection influenced me to make up a petite list of what to buy. Which is good, as I still don't know exactly what to buy.

Bare Essentials
- Red pumps. Or just red shoes.
- A black jacket. Preferably wool and cropped.
- Slouchy grey v-neck
- Bracelets, and necklaces
- Perfectly faded henley
- Scent

I think I'll leave it at that. I hardly expect to buy all of the above today, my goal is for one or two. Hopefully I'll have all of it before September 7th!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Here Piggy Piggy

I've been doing absolutely nothing really for the past two days, so I'm sorry to say I've nothing remotely fashionable to report. But I am going on a blow-out shopping spree tomorrow, so I'll tell you guys all about it.

In other news, I've been DIY-ing (?) a storm. I'm halfway through a pair of driving glove-esque gloves, and I've finished this:
Isn't it lovely? I'm trying to think of a creative name, but for now, it's Piggy.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Street Style's Taking Over

There's been a lot of street style blogs/sites popping up, as most of you's will probably know. There's The Sartorialist, and Face Hunter, and numerous other sites.

A whole whammy of excellent, fashionable people are all over the world, and sometimes I feel ashamed to look at the fabulous outfits and then staring at mine. As I'm doing right now; I can't believe I'm wearing ballet tights right now!

But back to the topic, I've found another fabulous site. It's all written in another language, but the pictures are loud and clear.

This probably has to be my favourite. How is it that she can wear red leather boots without looking anything close to a skank? I know if I tried, well, I wouldn't even dare.

So go check it out!

An Online Outfit-eer

To tell the truth, I was planning on spending the day shopping. As in, go outside. But it just so turns out that I don't feel quite up to it. In other words, too lazy.
So I decided to do a little online outfit-eering, as I call it.

This is from Vancouverite-mall whores' favourite store, Garage. Not too shabby I suppose for 10$. I'll probably end up buying it. Hmph, and I thought I wasn't anything like those Mall Babies.

I have a buttondown like this, but red and much much more beautiful. It is slightly sheer like the one above, and has tiny flowers on it. And did I mention it's red?

And below, my trusty pair of Old Navy plaid shorts. I've mentioned them before, and trust me, they're not this ugly-looking in real life. They're actually quite cute. But nuff said, I'll probably wear this outfit first day BTS, with a leather belt.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Search for the Ankle Boots

I have mentioned in previous posts that I'm coveting a pair of ankle boots. The problem is, I haven't found a simple pair I like. I just don't understand it; I'm not usually this fickle about shoes.

So when in doubt, scope the net!

These babies were one of two 'acceptable' boots at Aldo. I've already checked these boots out at the store, and they're every bit as fabulous as ankle boots should be. The 169$ pricetag isn't fabulous, though. These are obviously nowhere near as nice as the Aldo ones. But seriously, it's a pretty darn good deal at 30$. In fact, I'd say it's perfect, if it wasn't suede... Still, I'll have to pop in at Payless for these.

So these aren't ankle boots, or boots at all. But look at them, they're mesmerizing. And now for the shock: 18$ people! Or 15$ in black. These are killer. I must have these. They'd better not be sold out.

EDIT: Oi! I can't believe I forgot. If you're reading this and wondering where to get the fab red pumps, they're at Payless too. Just not at mine.

I have given up, honestly. I can't find ankle boots anywhere in my vincinity that's under 100$. It's actually really depressing, I'd better go find a bag of chips and pig out.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Yummy Free Stuff!

If you look in the sidebar... you may notice that there is a giveaway going on for readers of my little blog, brought to us by Coutorture.
The prize is a fabulous pair of white skinny jeans from Girlshop! Or, a 50$ certificate if Girlshop doesn't carry your size.
So what are you waiting for? Sign yourself, and tell everyone you know!

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Shoes for you to Ogle

I've just realized ogle is a ridiculously funny word. Yes. Anyways I was walking along the street, minding my own business, when somebody comes up and asks me where I had gotten such fabulous rubber shoes. This is cue for me looking down and realizing I had on rubber boots.

So the aforesaid 'fabulous rubber shoes' that are not in fact shoes as they are boots, I love them to pieces. The short history is that they were bought for a marine science school trip (it was horrendous) and they survived and are still worn by me in the middle of summer.

So without further ado, my shoes, and moi in them!

Please excuse the umbrella dangling useless from my fingers. That was just for extra coolness points, but it comes off as trying-to-be-cool-with-an-umbrella-dangling-uselessly.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What to Do before I get Old

I admit it, I am a chronic list maker. I didn't use to be actually; I'd read those nerd-listmaking-girl/chicklit books and I'd scoff, 'Who actually likes making lists?'

Enter Provincial examinations.
(Those of you not in BC, Provincials are kind of like the SATs in the U.S. I found my messy, strewn everywhere notes just didn't cut it. Lists just made my life smoother sailing.)

So without further ado, my list of things to do before 2007:

15. Show up at school in argyle tights. And a plaid mini. Together.
14. Tattoo my nose (temporary tattooes I mean)
13. Wear a tinsel crown on public transit.
12. Coordinate my outfits with my friends (tacky I know, but I've always wanted to do it.)
11. Buy ankle boots. Perhaps stiletto ones and walk-able ones.
10. Knit myself armwarmers.
9. Actually wear my gingham jumper dress outside. (Teen Vogue says it's okay, therefore I can)
8. Give out my email address to any cute guys I see. (Actually, I might chicken out on this, I'll probably end up giving away my friends' emails. This is bad.)
7. Wear copious amounts of black eyeliner.
6. Try not to wear so much eyeliner.
5. Actually find and buy a perfume. I must have a signature scent.
4. Grow out my horrible haircut. Please, please before picture day.
3. Buy ankle boots!!!
2. Go swimming and get toned and fit and utterly gorgeous. (Not likely, but still)
1. Wear de rigeur fashionable and chic outfits everyday.

Shoe Therapy is Good for Everything

So today I decided I would speak only chinese and eat only chinese food. Nevermind the fact that I don't really speak chinese, it was a good idea.
After pestering several shop assistants (with our muy bien chinese of course), my friend and I bought about six tons of yummy, greasy chinese food.

Now what does all this have to do with shoes you say?

The thing is, after eating all that food, we were very very sick. Throwing-up level. Copious amounts of water just didn't cut it. And as we staggered off home, we passed by a shoe store. I swear it was glowing, it was just that awe-inspiring.

They had London Soles!!

Immediately the sickness stopped, and a lovely haze of beautiful shoes enveloped me. Mmm.
Go check out the lovely, gorgeous, delicious, and overall fantastic shoes.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wearing: Flower Power

So I'm not actually wearing this today, as it is pretty much freezing. So I'm wearing some hideous variation on sweats/tee.

I decided to spare you all the hideous-ness-osity of it.

crocheted flower tank - secondhand
green leather tote - friends (must return!)
pink mini - gap
rope espadrilles

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Free the Peoples

... from hideous outfits. Okay, so I've had my share of bad outfit days, and I kind of live in a place where actual fashion gives way to hoodies and too-tight sweat pants.
And smelly t-shirts, and plumbers-butt pants, overall generic and, and, yes.

But that's no reason for catalogs, even online ones to have hideous outfits. I mean, don't they their own stylists that make outfits?

Okay, so I don't actually like any of the clothes shown. But I could live with the dress. And the socks/kleats. But together?

I have determined to send a very angry letter to Free People, asking their reason for such rubbish. Dark green soccer kleats and flowy bohemian dresses do NOT go together. Glamour, if you're reading this, please submit this into your Glamour Do & Don'ts page. Please.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Oh no, it's me again

I'm completely and utterly sad. Without reason. Which I must say, is impossible so right now I'm hunting down reasons.

1) I've discovered three moles on my face that I never knew were there.
2) Even though I'm extremely conscientout (haha) about my spending, I have been broke for the past 2 weeks.
3) I've completely and utterly broken down, for no apparently reason
4) My shoes don't fit. I think they've gotten pudgy since I've been wearing flipflops all the time.
5) My brain has just realized I can't afford to buy Prada shoes.

What do you think? And don't you dare not comment, I know you are all out there. There's been 60 views on this thing!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

How I wish I could sing

Now this isn't a strictly fashion post, but I honestly couldn't not write about this.

KT Tunstall is officially my new favourite songstress. She has that whole indie/innocuous vibe going on. And she has a killer voice; all her songs seem so easy to sing but when I try, don't even ask.

Besides, who would think of wearing rainbow suspenders for her album cover? My favourites:

Otherside of the world

Suddenly I see (this was in the Prada movie!)

Under the Weather (I think of rainy days when I listen to this)

So go out there and get yourself a copy. They are very available at iTunes, and - at your nearest Starbucks!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Showcasing: Yellow Mellow

My outfit of today consists of:

yellow lace trim top
favourite broken-in Gap jeans
black beaded butterfly clutch
red sandals

Vintage Finds

I suppose it's to be expected, but vintage/secondhand is my kind of stuff.
I think I've collected quite a collection over the years, especially shoes and bags.

My Indonesian box. I think of it more as a box with straps than a bag since it can't carry much. Still, it is a veritable piece in my closet, I can pull off the travelling fashionista look so much more convincingly with it.

I, don't know how I could have survived so many years without this. It's quilted, black, and equipped with a chain strap; a Chanel purse lookalike! I wear this nonstop, and the more I wear it, the more I appreciate the lovely, soft Italian leather. And to think, only 3$!

My darling pink flats. I happened upon them in a grubby vintage store, and ten minutes later, they were mine! I believe they go with everything; I imagine myself as a classy Victorian lady in these.

These were in a garage sale, and some girl was making fun of these babies. So to show that girl, I bought them, planning to wear them to death. As it happens, I've only worn them once. But still. The shoes are so discotheque, but I've yet to incorporate it in an outfitwithout making myself look like a hooker.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Couture gone wild

This is far too cool that it's way beyond words. Dior Haute Couture. That is all I have to say.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

There's nothing quite like shopping

I may be concerned (however very unnecessary) with materialism and the general problems of the whole world, but it's nothing that a little shopping wont help.

I haven't told anyone this, but when I shop alone I follow a strict pattern. Which goes as follows:

stop and scout new arrivals, beeline for the sales, and leave with some small purchase.

Tommy, Aritzia, and sometimes Coach,
go in and look at the fab clothes, bags, youknow. Then leave.

Sport-wear, such as Lululemon,
maybe buy myself a ridiculously priced hoodie, or a headband.

Cheap-chic stores, Old Navy
get the trendy clothes for super cheap, and end up spending loads of money.

So in the end I end up with a goodly shopping armful. Today was really no different. I'd already scoped out the Old Navy site beforehand, and decided on the bag.

In the store, my instinctive sales instincts took over and soon I found myself with ALL of the items in the above photos. Pathetico, no joke.

At least I didn't buy another useless hoodie right?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

In today's world of the big, bad Trend

It seems like clothes these days are more and more defining who you are. If you wear designer, then you're automatically 'in' and considered wealthy. A well dressed person is considered more professional and people take them more seriously.

In fact, if you flip through a magazine, they show job interview outfits and how to dress for one. Is individuality such a horrible and devastating thing to show at an interview? Or, are we not adept at dressing ourselves that we need to shown exactly how to dress for a particular event?

Letting people see past your clothes and see you yourself doesnt seem to be an option. Same goes for fashion. New trends and developing as we speak and old fads and now considered fashion no-nos. Is fashion so much of a form of ugliness that we need to change it every six months?

I guess if you've just read this, you probably think I'm completely against trends and magazines and have an angry grudge against the fashion world. But it's not that I'm holding a grudge on, it's the way people assume if you wear this and this, you're fashionable and someone else is not.

Highschool girls are an awesome example. In my school, if you don't dress in Juicy, or TNA, or Lululemon, you're not a part of the chic set. Is that bull or what? I guess it's reminescent of all the things cliques do. So in other words, trends can just be another form of exclusiveness, in my opinion.

My Foray into the Knitting World

Have I mentioned this before? I'm a knitter. There, I've confessed. It's kind of like a chronic illness really, I look at knitting patterns and break out into a sweat and go around in a crazed dash to buy yarn. Seriously, it's kind of embarassing.

Anyways, since knits are a fabric, and fabrics make clothes which equal lovely posts about clothes and other such things, I'm telling you all about my knitting, um, habit.

I've decided to make the above knitted sandals. Aren't they cute? I plan to use them as slippers, or maybe add rubber soles so I can wear them out. But I suppose I have to make them first...

To tell the truth, I've only ever knitted scarves, and a hat. If I get around to buying yarn and needles, it'll be a challenge. But then, mistakes make you learn, or something of that sort right?