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Thursday, September 28, 2006

You Know You Want It

I am in depths of dazzling bright happiness. A very skinny, smartly-dressed woman came up to me and complimented me. Quest-ce que c'est le compliment?

"You know, you look like Irina Lazareanu."

Now why anyone would say I looked anything like her is The Great Mystery Of The Year. But until someone solves it, I can bask in the glory that someone told me I looked like her! (Insert hyperventilation her)

Perhaps it's the hair. I've aspired to be Irina in a second life, and to duly prepare I chopped super-blunt, slightly chunky bangs. My hairstyle in one phrase is "Side-swept Irina bangs"

In case you doubt me:

(Yeah, I rock the emo glasses baby)

See how I look nothing like Irina? Either than lady was a bit loco or my hair does slightly resemble it. Opinions s'il vous plait!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Guess the Knockoff

Alright, technically both are knockoffs of the vastly copied Louboutin shoe, but for the sake of this, let's ignore that.
Both shoes are nearly identical: Patent leather, stacked pointy heel, and peep toes. Other than the slingback they are nearly identical shoes.

Gametime! The person to correctly guess which one is the higher-end, less knockoff-y and name where each shoe comes from....

No big prizes, but you will earn my esteem as a superb fashionista and if you like, feature your blog/site/whatever on Miss Couture.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Les Petites Tortuires

I've been bad. As every self-respecting shopaholic knows, you're not truly a full-fledged shopaholic unless you're always telling yourself to try to spend less. It's Rule Numero Uno.

But then again, you're also not a crazy obssessive clothes-craving shopper if you're not breaking the rule. All. The. Time.

So back to the story. On my way home I passed by this boutique named Queenlin (what a sad name for a shop, huh?) where they boasted a "All Items for $6" sign. The sales-savvy me wouldn't let me pass the shop, so in I went. My lucky day!

What I noticed:

-Perfectly worn-in swashbuckling boots. Black leather, but sadly not in my size.

-Slouchy ankle boots. In my size. Ooh la love.

-Delightfully ugly faux-Birkin bags. Going for $100+. I would so carry one of those around, just so I can say "I'm a fashion victim with style!"

-Clunky orthopaedic-style T strap shoes. I would have deemed these hideous! horrible! but somehow they are very compelling. And for $12 I might just go and buy the sodding shoes.

-Kitschy, extremely polka-dotted skirts.

-Even more glorious kitsch stuff. Like huge oversized cardigans with funky animal prints.

From what I've written so far it may look like all I did was take notes. But fear not my friends! I didn't just leave without getting someone out of it. I left with this amusing little item.

Ignore the music notes in the background, s'il vous plait and focus your attention on the attention-grabbing purple skinny belt. No idea what to wear it with, but for now just having it is good enough.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

LFW: The Best of the Best

This year's New York Fashion Week sucked. Not because I missed it, no; there were tons of coverage everywhere and I still didn't like it one bit. The colours were off, the trends showcased just seemed to be exact replicas of last season, and basically it was a huge yawn.

From what I see, London Fashion Week seriously just kicked New York's butt. It used to be the artsy, indie and not-so-exciting sister of the glitzy and glam NYFM. Role reversal, anyone?

Preen rocks my world. The palette was muted classics: White, Beige, Black. Then 3 Yellow Dresses smack in the middle. Cause what would London Fashion Week be without bright yellow dresses?

Aquascutum was, as put in's reviews "lacked the oomph from the previous seasons." Boring Beige sacks on display, along with the seriously misled design of the last photo. Primary color stripes do not go well with a heavily pintucked safari suit. Tss. The yellow leaf-motif skirt was the most inspired (and colorful) item on the runway, if I had to pick.

Now this is one inspired show! Crazy stripes, lots of lace, and black plaid everywhere for Erdem. How much do I love the intricately beaded little chiffon number? Now this, is what I call the epitome of quintessential British style.

Chaiken featured lots of bright blue/yellow satin, gauzy long dresses, and funny straw fedora-ish hats. Are we supposed to start wearing straw hats? Is it a trend? I am seriously so confused about all this satin and straw pairing. But the dresses are cute.

Creme de la creme:
Giles Deacon
Roksanda Itincic

Hated Few:
Paul Smith Women
Christopher Kane

There's some intensive LFW coverage over at I Am Fashion and of course, if you want to peruse more collections of your own.

She's Super Freaky

It's 9:30 on a Saturday morning, and I'm overcome with a mad desire to run out to shop. I was just browsing casually through a couple of online shoe shops (Aldo, Nine West). I wasn't too excited about the shoes or the too high prices.
But then - Payless! Veritable palpitations to my heart upon loading the site.

Red Patent Ruched Ballet Flat! It is perfect and worship-worthy. But here's the thing folks- 12$

Oh goddess of beautiful cheap shoes, I worship at your altar. Glitter flats. That's all I have to say. I don't need to go around asking how to be-glitter shoes since these already are.

Of course, not everything is all peachy. Take a look at these Abaete for Payless pumps. The shape, the patent, that far is fine. But then we get to the weird sponge-y blue fabric covering the heel, ending with a dubious hesitatant bow. But you know, maybe it's just me.

EDIT - I was on A Dress A Day, and found this hilarious speech. About bananas.

"I personally despise bananas, but I eat one about once a year just to make sure I still can't stand them. What if all of a sudden I started loving bananas, and missed out on years of banana-eating joy? It's worth a couple of bites of disgusting banana-flesh every once in a while, just to make sure. "

Maybe I'm like that with shoes? Maybe I'll end up liking the sponge-y, blue, fabric-covered, faux D'Orsay pumps. But probably not, methinks.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What's Up You Brown Eyed Girl

My day sucked. I won't try to whine to you guys as much as do to P, my lame-joke cracking friend (I know you're reading this!) but remember these shoes?

The lowdown is, I wore them, it rained a lot, and I had to walk through a lot of puddles and mud. End of story. So ze beautiful shoes, zey are ruined! How would you remove mud stains from shoes? Anyone?

Sob story aside, I have created a fashion resolution list. Yes, in September.

- Get pair of dotted black tights
- Find my black knee high socks
- Hem jeans to perfect length (no more cuffing or cutting)
- Buy boots. Or two, three, four..
- Find red headband
- Find box of winter sweaters. It's somewhere, I hope

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Super Coverage That I Am Craving

I'm baaack! Miss me much?

After a week of no meat/fish I'm satiating my cravings with some delish sushi. Also, I am rapidly digesting all the fashion week coverage (with Omiru, Fashion Verbatim, and Coutorture respectfully) with was something I also missed. Just how cool was that green grass runway for the Marc show?

I don't think I've really talked about makeup here, but after 20 nasty bug bites on my face, concealer/foundation had to be talked about. So!

Cashmere Perfect: it truly is a delicious texture, and matches my skin perfectly (it's a miracle!). I don't like to use it as an all-over foundation, but instead as a quasi-concealer instead.

But the perfect concealer only goes so far when it's covering those egg-sized bites on your face. So take off the attention with the perfect eyeliner. I just bought this today in a raisin colour, because purple is my color as attested by a friend who's now studying to be a makeup artist.

Now, guess who's excited about trying the mod look this fall? I'm super amped; I would rush out to buy false lashes and super volumizing mascara if I wasn't so tired. Yawn. And I've still got homework to finish...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Big Buttoned Galore-ism

I know I'm fickle with fashion (never say never, a la Susie Bubble) but I do know I like one thing.

Oversize buttons!

I don't think I'll ever get tired of them. They were hyper-trendy a few seasons ago, but I still haven't gotten over them. See, I can be non-conformist!
I know another thing too: Oversize buttons/details on luxurious wool coats never will be out of fashion. Or at least wont be a fashion faux pas. See - like 80% of the coats at Zara. (btw, what is up with those crazy balloon pants there? Anyone?)

Once again, Anthro has it all. In my online-browsing experienced eye, they can do no wrong. Oversized red buttons! Next they'll come out with free Teen Vogues and a successful petition against Uggs.

If Anthropologie's not your scene then look! Urban Outfitters has coats too. Okay, so most of you don't live near a UO but stop whining; it's online only. If I had a credit card I'd snap this up in a second. But it's a good thing I don't have Visa.

Okay, I'm off. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a funfunfun trip (the words Gore-Tex, long synthetic underwear, and NO COTTON might tell you just how much fun it's going to be, ha) so.. Have Fun!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Must Have, Must Get

Okay you guys, you've got some explainin' to do. You (well, only one has!) still haven't told me what music to bring.. I'm sorely disappointed, so ya better tell me. I'm not picky about music!

I know fashion week is going on full speed but I've been caught up in the drama of my life (ha, like being demoted in swim club) that I haven't been paying attention. It's actually kind of sad, I love fashion week but I don't have the heart and time to blog about the individual shows. Coutorture is covering pretty much all the shows not just biggies so make sure you check them out.

But - I found this a-mazing video of an interview with Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann (newest spokeswoman of Lancome).

Did I mention that I loveloveloved the Nicole Miller collection? But Baby Phat - ugh! Adrian over at Fashion Verbatim did a review reflected exactly what I felt about them.

Friday, September 08, 2006

MIA, Buster

Hey peeps! Okay, enough with the sad language. What I'm about to say is I'm gonna be away for the next week for a school trip. Don't be sad! I'll be missing you guys too, while I'm off hacking down bushes to make trails and getting bitten by numerous bugs.

I will be posting tomorrow and Sunday, and will be back by Sat next week! But the big reason I'm telling you this so early is, What music should I download? Please, please, please tell me your picks! I'll need 'em.

Other news in the blogosphere: FASHION WEEK! I was super revved up about it, but then I realized I'd be away for the whole time. Ah, the things you suffer for school. But since I'm not gone yet, here's a Coutorture video for fashion week.

It's the A La Dispostion show! Never heard of them? You're missing out on a big way, so check out the fall collection before it's too late. I would describe the collection as classics with a twist. Basically saying refreshing but still basics.

Actually, I don't know if the video works for all of you, so if you'd watch it and tell me you'd be too good! Overall, the video is quite short, but it's still worth a watch.

p.s. Don't forget, tell me what music I should take!
p.p.s. If you were really nice, you'd click on the ad after the video. Just click! I promise you no porn will pop up.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Best of the Lemonheads

If I ever create a band (with me as lead singer, natch) I'd call it Lemonology in honour of the great Lemonheads. Lately I've been completely obssessed with their music, they're the perfect on-the-way-to-school songs.

And thinking about the Lemonheads leads to lemons which inevitably leads to the colour yellow. Which was the subject of a veritable spiritual epiphany I had in the shops a while ago. There was yellow items in every single store that I went into (in a mall nonethessl!). If that doesn't signify that a trend has reached the masses I don't know what is.

Anthro has by far the most (judging by the online store, but still) yellow items, all gorgeous, all inspiring. Their sweaters always inspire me to try and knit my own since I can't afford the prices (and the trip there!).

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Not Emotionally Ready

Today: first day of school. Really, it was exhausting, physically yes, but mostly mentally. I probably shouldn't say this, but I go to a school where all 30 of us were 'picked' and we have the same classes together year after year. And seeing the same 30 people every day for five years can't be good (already shown many, many times). It's like elementary school, but snarkier.

Clothing-wise, I didn't put much effort into. I was only there for an hour, so what's the point? Flower-printed dress, hoodie, and sneaks. I'd post a picture if I could find my camera, so watch this space.

Physically, I am very prepared with my notebooks and pens. But honestly I don't think I can stand another year of the same ol' people again and again. Therefore I am very unstable mentally and will implode from within if I have to stand another year.
But - if anyone would like to buy me (you can contribute too! Mega hint here) this Gap leather tote, you might just save me from implosion. But 50$ (around) for a Gap tote seems a bit much. Let's lead a protest!

Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've been reading my archives, and there's a definate difference in my writing/blogging. When I first started the blog, I (how do you explain it?) was more frank, more clean-cut in my writing. Now I'm more confidant in my blogging skills, but I miss the old me, you know? Just writing about my take on trends, how to wear them, and unbiased thoughts on fashion week, so on.

It's kind of like when I started to really get into fashion. I was always an old-tshirt-and-ugly-cargo pants kind of girl until I started surfing the 'net. My first foray was Teen Fashionista and it all started from there.

So when I started my first year of high school I was already very much 'into' fashion, but I still wanted to mold and fit in and all that jazz. I was very taken with the whole tracksuit/Juicy Couture look/mini skirt look. My unofficial uniform was a mini (plaid mostly) with knee high socks. Oh, and a pink fuzzy fun-fur sweater I still have somewhere (ugh! don't remind me!).

Looking back, I kind of hate the way I was trying to conform. Simultaneously, though, I miss the fact I was still malleable in the loosest sense. Different looks could attract me and influence me. Now I have my own 'look'; I know what I like and can't stand things that aren't in that "special box" of my style.

Excuse me for being a bore, I guess I'm just in a reflective mood. I'm very very thankful that I've moved on from fuzzy pink sweaters. Makes me wistful though...

Now What's Up With That?

Everyone should know that by now, the biggie on my list of priorities was to get ankle boots. And guess what? The shops in Vancouver have finally caught up with us fashion types. Case in study: Aldo.

I wandered in there, and whoa! so many boots. And cute shoes, more cute shoes, maybe I'm going ADHD-ed. And lo and behold, there were ankle boots, and not just one. More than I could wish for, right?

Gorgeous boot. It's the perfect height, nice detailing. Possibly worth the 150$ price tag. But for some strange reason, I'm not attracted to it. A week ago, thinking "ankle boots" made me want to rush out and hand out cash for a pair. Not anymore.

It's like I'm all over them, you get what I mean? Like I've broken up with them and never really want them in my house.

Instead, I'm more attracted to these. Kind of like Uggs, but not Ugg-ly. Just cute. I quite like these flats too. Just after I said I was 'so completely over' Ked-style flats. Quite the hypocrite, aren't I?

In other news, I'll probably be over at Zara a lot these few days. Have you seen their fall/winter clothes? I've found the perfect boyfriend sweater, slouchy argyle vest, and a whole plethora of cozy chic knits. My legs wobble at the sight of so many gorgeous knits. My entire saved allowance might end up at Zara. Wish me luck!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Scarves, Scarves Galore!

Okay, so here's my dirty little secret. I have a secret affinity with shawls and pashminas. They are not just for old grandmothers in their rocking chairs knitting. They can be very chic and an easy cover up.

But when the truth is told, shawls are annoying and finniky. They can be too bulky and easy to look like you're trying too hard. Which leads us to my greatest love of all: scarves!

I have quite a collection of scarves. If my camera wasn't MIA I would take a picture of them trying to overtake my closet. Starting with my silk (well close enough) scarves. I love them for being classic but also because they come in pretty wild prints. I have a polka dotted one and a pink/black striped scarf.

I have one exactly like this! Except it's crocheted, so quite lacey. The thing with wide scarves it that you can wear them as a shawl and a hood too. Also, if you wrap a scarf with a fringe around your neck just so, it makes the perfect topper for a denim jacket.

Lightweight scarves, perfect for wrapping around turtlenecks and lightweight knits. As shown above. I definitely need to stock up on more of these, I only have one. A tragedy!

Just talking about scarves makes me wish for the blue skies to go away. I want to go scarf shopping, one of the few 'variations' on shopping that I enjoy. Too bad the stores don't agree with me.