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Friday, October 27, 2006

Super Saavy

I've been taking a few days off from blogging, partially because it's been completely mad, but mostly because I wanted a few days to think.

There's so many components of fashion/style/trends/looks/etc. that have been swimming around in my head that I wanted to clear myself of them. Also to ask myself some things(call it attemtping to dredge from my subconscious). The ye ole questions: "What is fashion?" "What is style?" have been mulled over, but I mostly wanted to ask myself this: "Why do I care the way I do and why is it so important to me?"

The elements of style (as I like to think of them) have been drilled into my head. (Summa 'Style is what makes you look and feel good' 'Cleanliness is next to godliness' ...the list goes on) and I know for sure that I am interested in fashion. But the deep, philosophical reason I was searching for? Nonexistant.

I got interested because I discovered fashion blogs and the fact that dressing well made me feel happier. And I continued caring because nice clothes and good styling continued to make me happier and I was intrigued by the whole fashion, economy, world.

This last month or so, however, I've been frustrated with my closet, my outfits don't appeal to me, and articles on fashion shows/economy/magazines/celebrites bore me. Shopping just adds to my misery; more clothes equal more clothes to be angry with. All inspiration has disappeared and perhaps I am suffering from a depressive phase(actually I think the latter is studying bipolar too much). I do hope it's a phase (think teenage angst?) because despite all my complaints I really do love fashion with the core of my being.

( Sorry about the ranting, lovely superficial fashion posts forthcoming shortly. Just wanted to get this out of my system)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Goodness of Boots

Did I mention that I'm an obssessive kind of person? Monthly, weekly, daily, I like and get over various things like that. Sometimes it'll be seasonal (iced tea in the summer, mochas in the winter, that kind of thing) but when it has to do with clothes, I get over trends fast.
Some various items last longer, the biggest obssession of mine being boots.

Possibly because of the fact that I don't actually own very many pairs. Two years ago it was cowboy boots; last year it was wedge-heeled suede. Right now I'm digging really simple, flat-heeled kneehighs. Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit fits the bill.

Aldo has a lot of nice pairs going around. The other day at their Liquidation store, I spotted a pair of devastating lace-up motorcycle boots. I'm seriously regretting not being born into a multi-millionaire family.

And ankle boots: It's kind of a long story (and you'll know if you've been reading this) but I've fallen in love, nearly bought, and broken up with ankle boots in the space of a month. But these are cute, so if you're all into booties.. here's one for you.

Then there's rain boots. Here's a picture I stole from MyStyleDiary, and it's seriously, seriously cute. I already have a pair of rubber boots, but I think I need another. I could continue along this thread for a lot longer, but I should stop with this one comment:

Oversize blazer + bright hoodie = Total Love.

Friday, October 13, 2006

State of the World, MC-Style

- oversized boyfriend cardigans
- Old Navy
- chunky knits
- knitting
- satin flats
- kneehigh boots
- plaid shorts
- patterned tights
- denim
- pearl earrings
- cool sneaks
- white chocolate mochas
- understated jewelery
- bold colours with no accessories
- effortless chic

- double chocolate chip frappucchinos
- over-accessorizing
- super wide belts
- Gap
- uncomfortable shoes
- looking too pulled together
- trashing your closet looking for clothes
- summer transition weather (When is it going to be fall? I wanna break out the fall gear, man!)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Chain Store Loving, Because You Do Too

Old Navy has outdone itself. Their fall clothes are by far better than Gap, which is quite an accomplishment. I adore the Gap.
So the clothes at Old Navy, see, they are truly excellent and make me want to whip out oodles of cash. In exchange for cheap, made-in-Phillippines, but lovely clothing.

I would like the following items, fairy godmother:

- flower-printed henley, because I love it
- super-thin, graphic tee
- cable knit cardigan in Grape Jelly
- basic twin-set cardi for those windy days
- tiered jersey dress
- denim capris, they look so kitschy easy
- faux-leather 2 pocket tote
- babydoll henley, preferably two
- pintucked shirt, in pink
- glitter flats

Now all I need is a 100$ gift certicate..

L'Amour and Homage

I've been busy being sick and celebrating Thanksgiving. In the meanwhile, I hope you've been checking out Daddy Likey? (I know there's a link in the sidebar, but as a pathetic person myself, I know it's sometimes hard to find things)

"Having a friend who works at Coach (and gets 50% off) is kind of like knowing a high-profile drug dealer. As soon as people find out that I've got this connection, their eyes widen and their voices get low and they start saying things like "Can you hook me up?""

How can you not love it? Winona is a 5-star blogger that I happen to love. She has far better taste in clothes than me, from what I've gathered.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Hotness

The angle of the shot is weird. My feet look like... squibs. Or something. Anyhoo, I'm sure the tee is far more interesting than my feet. Unless you have a foot fetish or something, which is really kind of creepy and you shouldn't be staring at my feet. They're private. Well, not really because I'm posting them here, and, you should be getting the point. Kapeesh.

Umm. Yes. Back to the tee. Just how supremely awesome is it? It's my darling shirt, the newest one to add to my collection.

The story behind it is a Zara story. P (she's become quite a regular, hasn't she?) and I went there for the cardigans (Nonexistant! It was a hoax!) but the tee was enough compensation.
Imagine it with crimson tights, and/or maybe a plaid miniminimini skirt. Black skinnies, or regular jeans. Oh, the possibilities!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Friends and the Formal

So first of all this isn't me, or I suppose me as you usually think of me. To be a bit clearer, I am the one previously referred to as "P". I believe it also said I tell lame jokes but anyways...

Anyways Miss C. and I went shopping the other day, as I'm sure you'll hear about later. We decided it was time to start looking for formal dresses, because Christmas is only a couple of months away, right? Last year we did do one formal dress shopping trip, but neither of us, or any of our friends found the perfect dress. I don't see how I can get away with wearing the same second hand dress for a third year, and our beloved Miss C couldn't possibly borrow a dress of her mother's again.

So we are presented with the problem of finding the absolutly perfect, stylish, mature, flattering and original dress possible. All for one night out. How do we manage this with our limited budgets? Any suggestions?

EDIT: Yes, that was the fabulous P. She's odd but I'm sure you understand.. right? And formal dresses! The Winter Formal is in December, and last time I checked, it's October. But I digress. Dresses are pretty to look at.

The top two are my picks and the others are P's. God it's annoying to keep typing P. Anyhow you can sort of tell the different in styles by the dresses we picked.

Anthro, 89$. Bluefly, 109$, 89$, and 99$ respectfully.

The prices may be cheap for some chaps, but to us it's wayway too pricey for a one-night-dress. There's a whole whack-load of pretty dresses for 30$ less (Oh my god! Dresses on the cheap!) at Forever 21 but the pictures won't work. Besides, I would never be able to get to a Forever 21.

This was really surprising. Old Navy has dresses! 30$ and 20$. How totally hot is the grey one? It's very Anthropologie. The brown one is pretty boring, but it's the kind of dress that makes you look about 10 pounds thinner, so there.

How fierce are the red shoes?
As for the white ones... the heel lights up. I think it's love.

Random Facts During School

You should be proud of me. I'm blogging and I'm at school, supposedly doing my socials homework. Ha.

But this is what I learned today:

- Eyeshadow can be used as eyeliner when wet.
- If you use dark lipstick and line your lips then smudge, it's subtle enough for the hallways.
- Tetris is hard.
- It's hard to find interesting party ideas.
- How much does a Newly Released DVD cost?

Monday, October 02, 2006

Still Not Giving Up

I froze my butt off in my mini today. Maybe not so good idea. Cold.

Plus the outfit was uber-boring, if effortless. The tee says 'can't concentrate' btw. Also, note to self: buy new denim mini. Current one falling apart.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Most Solemn Vow

I love old magazines. Of course new magazines are great, with all their glossiness and up-to-the-minute fashion goss, but old ones have a certain charm. You can look at begone trends and laugh, get tons of inspiration, and so on so forth.

Being stranded in a library has its' benefits. Especially when it's a huge multi-story one in downtown Vancouver. I picked up a tattered Teen Vogue (circa March 2005) and I'm currently reading it again.

On this page is model Querelle (spring 05's catwalk darling) and she says "I wear basics tees and minis all the time that I dress up with vintage accessories" I take that as a challenge, people!

This week I will wear basic tees and denim minis as my basic outfit formula. Only outer layers (sweaters, jackets) and accessories will be allowed. Okay, scratch that.
If it's really cold, I suppose jeans will be a good enough compromise. I will duly post pictures.

Day : 1
How's this for determined?