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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Frosty is Back in Black

Wait for it everyone... it's snowing! It's extremely confusing, because Vancouver never snows, especially not in November. Nontheless, snow is very exciting, and I'm already singing Christmas carols. Funny how a little snow makes everyone think of the holidays.

Clothes-wise, the extreme cold weather (about -6 degrees Celsius, and Vancouver shuts down with warnings of 'treacherous winds' and 'dangerously icy roads') makes it kind of hard to dress for sucess.
Then again, it provides ample reason for lots of layers and to bring out your shearling boots from the back of your closet. Even Uggs seem marginally acceptable (don't shoot me, don't shoot me).

For my own personal list, I'm on the hunt for a beautiful puffer vest.

Gap has this one, with adorable AE-style birds.
Theres this from American Eagle itself too.
A cute and cheap one from Old Navy.
Fur-trimmed at Urban Outfitters.
Banana Republic has a sleek black.

Decisions, decisions.

Btw, does anyone know where I can find a vintage camera? Preferably Nikon or Canon, but really anything with an adjustible lens is fine. I suppose I can always go buy a new one, but the old ones are always better, non?

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Des Affiches

Designers are always saying that they draw influences from everywhere. I never really understood this; how does one make clothing out of reading a book or watching birds?

Well, I think the whole concept might be understandable now. After reading The Shipping News, a book set on the Newfoundland coast, fishermen have been on my mind. Their ways of life, homes, clothing, everything in general. Salt water crashing on wind-worn rocks and hardy trees growing on desolate craggy rocks.

I especially have their clothing in mind. No miracle there, huh? I like how clothing was used for more protection than adornment. Every article had a purpose and all were well worn. Also that mostly everything was handmade and scrap-like appeals to me. Which leads me to:
Doesn't this hat remind you of fish? If I were a fisher(wo)man I would have a hat like this.

Super baggy pants are something that I've been strangely drawn to lately. Also wool anything.

The sweater would have be very thick, made out of wool. Think of a thick sweater with slightly unraveling parts and faded patches. All homemade and oversized from stretching out.

Rainboots would be essential, but I can't see a fisherman/woman wearing loud pink printed galoshes. In my ideal, they would wear pratical yet chic gumboots. They wouldn't be called rainboots. Gumboots.

All of that would be topped with an X-Large rainjacket. It would go down to the knees but would still be fitted around the shoulders. It surprises me how much I've put into this without noticing.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Factory Girl Trailer

Nothing To Say: Absolutely Nothing

I don't have anything of interest to say. But -

Was reading Adbusters' article about water consumption yesterday. The article was saying how soon our water sources will be depleted if we continue to consume and waste vast amounts of water like we're doing now.

Today Vancouver is having a water "crisis" (if you could call it that). The tap water was somewhat contaminated and it's being advised not to drink. That in itself is not a problem - but seeing people rushing about buying out all the bottled Aquafinas in the store is. I'm not saying it's not right, even my family is doing that right now. But doesn't it seem like a bit of a waste, since inevitably a lot of that water is going right down the sink?

The current incident just makes me realize something I never really thought about before..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Question of Extreme Doubt

A leather jacket has been on my to-buy list for an extremely long time. I haven't bought one yet, because a) Most are far too expensive (100$ +) and b) I'm picky and the jacket must be beautifully fitted.
I dropped by my favourite consignment store and lo and behold! a leather jacket! It fits pretty well - it's not perfect but better than some others I've tried. It's probably pleather, but that isn't much of an issue for me, other than longetivity. 15$ is the price.

The jacket is probably extortionally cheap, and my first thought was to get it as soon I brought the money.
But I'm having some doubts now: will I wear it enough? I'm not sure if a leather jacket is the best thing to wear at school, so that cuts out a lot of wearing time. Furthermore, I just dropped 50$ on another jacket that I'm not wearing enough.

Need your honest opinion: Yes or No?

(picture from The Sartorialist)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wearing Today: A Hatty Tale

I have oh so many hats, but I never ever wear any of them. There isn't even a good reason. Par example: The coat+jeans outfit is my to-go wear 24/7. But then I had the hat and somehow if feels more finished and polished. I call it train-conductor-chic.

The takeout sushi and mocha are all part of the outfit. I like to think it gives me an air of urbanity, but mostly I'm just making a huge dork out of myself.

P.S. I need to share this with you all.

Rules To Live By Concerning Mochas

1) If you're at Starbucks, get the Peppermint Mocha when you can. It tastes that much better and you aren't left with that icky aftertaste in normal Starbucks mochas. ALSO, ask for a tall/grande extra-hot, non-fat, no-whip, peppermint mocha. You'll thank me later.

2) When buying mochas from small boutique coffee shops, always get the full fat version. It might be 800 calories or the like, but it is so worth not eating for the rest of the day. Soo worth it.

3) Mochas are best paired with either a tweed coat or a peacoat. And a hat.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

When In Doubt, Buy The Hat

It's time to recap. I'm a strong believer in "You can never have enough basics" so I'm always buying them.

So! What I need:

- the perfect gray tee. Trademark
- more tees in various colours
- white cardigan
- lightweight sweater dress (I would like to wear it in spring too)
- knee high boots
- sleek black denim skirt
- burgundy pashmina
- tights in various colours (I'm a convert, and now an addict)
- oversized drapey cardigan

Why does the list never shrink?

Saturday, November 04, 2006

In Which I Wholly and Profoundly Profess My Love

I remember just last month I was swearing Teen Vogue was the one and only magazine that I would truly and wholly love. Everything else was just a sham.

But then there was me, at the bookstore (trying to sell pointsettias, damn school fundraiser) casually flipping through magazines, when I came across Nylon. Okay. So Nylon's not new to me, but the only time I've seen them in person is at trend-whor-y Aritzia.

(Pshaw, anything at Aritzia has to be overprized and terrible.)

So I thought. But Amber Tamblyn! Seriously, I love her and she has been nowhere after Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Flipping a bit more through the mag, and I see crafty, kitschy-chic editorials and advice columns. Crazy harajuku-style outfits and spotlights on truly spotlight-worthy individuals. A smile creeps up my face.

But the best part about Nylon is, you can get it FREE ONLINE. Yes, it warrants capitals. Mwah, mwah, mwah!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I've been in a bit of a rut this week. Outfits were/still are uninspired and quite ugly. But I managed to take some pictures of the not-extremely-hideous-eye-blinding ones.

See? Not so inspired. But I still love this, I think because of the linen bag. And I'm going military jacket'd! Last season trend, but who can't love them? Practical and kind of fashionable.

Obviously I haven't worn this any time near. Not when I'm freezing my toes and fingers typing this. But oh glorious spring outfit! The belt is a tooled grey leather, and the clutch has a flower-ish print. I still need to work on this though, it looks a bit too much like a robe.

Best outfit je sais. Although it was a bit ago, now it's too cold to wear this without tights. Thick wooly ones at that too.

Okay, take that back about the other outfit being the best. This is the best, undoubtedly. Pinstriped, pintucked buttondown, wooly scarf, and favourite jeans. I fell in love with this when I put on a fleece topper, and the collar peeped out. In a decidedly adorable way.