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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time to Call Teen Vogue Out

I confess.
Teen Vogue is the only magazine I read on a regular basis. I've learned to embrace the extortionate prices of the beautiful items they show (mantra: I am not feeling that uncomfortable lump of pure green jealousy in the pit of my stomach, I am not..) and learned to love their spot-on editorials and intelligent articles. Try comparing one of Seventeen's omnipresent sexual-abuse articles with any one of Teen Vogue's and you'll get my point.

Hold it. I dont mind them showing designer. Let's get that straight. But what about those non-pricey, Gap/AA/Payless items they show? Surely I should be happy about this, no?

This here flat, was shown on the dance-inspired (which, btw, was ever-so-slightly yawn inducing) Shopping section of the February issue. Cute lookin' huh? The show is cute in theory, but in real life, it looks like one of those bandages used to shrink the feet of Chinese girls before the 1900s.

Okay, so the flat wasn't perfect. So what? My problem is: All of the cheap(-ish) items featured, be it a Gap shirt, Steve Maddens, say what, all are not so pretty in person, or on person. I understand, if I have such a problem with this, maybe I should go back to CosmoGirl hmm? All I'm asking from the people at Teen Vogue (can you hear me? It's me, Margaret) is to feature cheap items, that actually look good, even though they might overshadow some of the designers stuff, which we all know are advertising heavily through you.

End rant.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Oh, Dear

What, exactly, has Karl done to poor Coco Rocha here? I don't care if he's been hangin' with too many faux-hipster teenagers/ferocious leopards/vodka while designing this, no model deserves to wear this. Who wants to look like a raccoon wearing an old leopard skin? Couture is supposed to be an expression of art in clothing, not drape cheap-looking fabric with frilly couture details.

It looks like a Project Runway episode where they would get 10$ for fabric and the only thing that was left was this sheath of leopard fabric, and then Nina Garcia would be all pursed-lips and say, "That is terrible" and Heidi would say, "I guess we've made our decision" with her omnipresent (and sometimes terribly condensing) smile.

You know there's something wrong when Chanel Couture gets compared to a bad PR outfit.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Valentine's Eye Candy

Valentine's Day means almost spring means pretty delicate flats. If we forget about 'April showers bring May flowers'.
The red French Sole flats would be the best addition to my closet. Birthday present? (Strong hinting insert here)

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's Just You and Me Baby

Gap is back, and in full force. After a series of terrible, terrible graphic tees and hoodies, I think the head honchos are starting to get the idea that maybe, some good clothes are in order.

Have you seen the spring collection? To die for. Must own every single item, pronto.

Sadly that's not a reality, so I'll have to settle for this lovely jacket. "Soft ultrasuede fleece" Any person with an ounce of sense will understand that this is a jacket made of fleece. It's basically a hoodie but in a way cuter style! Forgive me for freaking out here, but this is way too good to be true.

Over jeans, and any natty shirt (God, you could ever wear your pyjamas and it wouldn't even make the slightest difference) and wham/bam! Gorgeous outfit, without sacrificing a bit of the comfort that we all love to hog.

Gap, 39.99 (on sale from 68!)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tagged! And as my duty as a card-carrying member of the blogging world, here they are:

1) There's a seriously hideous fuzzy pink sweater (knitted pink fun fur, natch) in my closet that I love(d) and wore everyday in my first year of high school.

2) I get anxiety attacks.

3) Secretly, shopping bores me. I like getting new clothes to play with, so shopping feels like more of a kind of duty for me than enjoyment. Noone believes me on this though.

4) I wish that I got on the Ugg bandwagon, so I could own a pair of purple Uggs. Please don't ask why.

5) Hearing Linkin Park nearly makes me break out into a rash.

I tag: I can't choose, so everyone!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Winter Blahs

There's been some freaky-deaky weather here. All the snow from the past week hasn't melted, and I can't even remember the last time I was truly warm. We all scream for spring..

However, lots of snow means ski trip! If I had my way I'd be wearing Ya-Ya wrap sweaters and sipping lots of mochas, but sadly, most likely I'll be in some godforsaken lodge freezing my toes off.
On my packlist:
- wool sweaters (2)
- seriously cozy slippers (1pair)
- trusty jeans
- various graphic tees
- sweater coat(1)
- wool socks!
- fleece-lined sweats (that have only ever been worn once)
- hoodies(1fleece, 2cotton)
- all other ski equipment for actually skiing
(I've started MySpace, can you say confusing? Add me and help a girl out!)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Land of Pho'Shop

I was uneasy about the whole 'Lindsay Lohan for Miu Miu' thing, and now I have proof. The first of the ads have come out, and what I see here is not so good.
Sure, the ad itself is excellent: primary colours, doll-pose, red ringlets, all very cutesy but still elegant. What's bugging me though, is the extreme photoshopping that must have been done.

First off, the face. Take one part Daria and one part Beyonce, and you'd be on the right track. Lohan? Nuh-uh, can you see the resemblance? I can't.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Lite Brite, Taste the Rainbow

Reason numero 4329743 why I am actually a colour schizophrenic:

A sad rainy day plus never-worn closetful of clothes equals Lite Brite rainbow madness.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Surprising Yourself Is A Key to Self-Discovery

I have always been self-conscious about wearing the colour grey. Most likely, it stems from my mother (who is a staunch believer in "never-wear-white-about-Labour-Day" type fashion rules) who never dressed me in grey when I was a wee tyke (I also believe she has a near-phobia about dressing small children in muted colours, so sadly I spent my childhood wearing lots of neons).

My first grey top was a lounge-style ribbed top from La Senza's Candy line. As far as easing slowly goes, it's all good. And to be honest, the grey shirt's looking quite good on me. Will I soon be known as the Girl in the Grey ?
What better time than the taking-risks, renew-yourself jazz of the new year, to start wearing a new colour? The delicate embroidered blouse from Anthropologie is a good place to start (also keeps with my 'wear more blouses' only resolution of 2007).

The model looks positively buggy, but the sheer hoodie is right on my checklist. And hopefully I'm not wrong in saying it wouldn't resonate with the Juicy/AE wearing girls in my school (and yours to, I bet). Personally, the length and and the sheer material (along with the colour, natch) makes me love it, but at the same time the hood and henley-style design is very American Eagle, no?

p.s. Opinions on the new format? It's nothing new, but still: better or worse?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A-whoosh and Away

New Year's resolutions never fail to bring out the guilt in me. Unless you're a super goddess of integrity, usually thinking of faults to fix isn't the best time. However, I think I'm on a safe bet to say that "buying more blouses" is a good first resolution.

Bonnie Heart Clyde blouse, $128 from Etsy