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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Wear Outfits that Make Me Look Obnoxiously Pregnant


And one not:

Damn. One out of four, not good at all.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Story of How Bows are Ruining My Life


Abigail Breslin, Kirsten Dunst, and Helen Mirren. And major, major props to director Alejandro for forgoing a tie and going for a too-cool-for-the-Oscars black scarf.

I thought that there were hardly any ugly dresses on the red carpet this year. Quel surprise.
But Nicole Kidman disappointed me. Sure, she looks gorgeous, but that gigantic bow around her neck.
And Anne Hathaway. Her dress was gorgeous to the extreme from the front, but the bow at the back weirded me out. These bows, they're just ruining good dresses.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Spring/Summer Shopping List

Here's my shopping resolution:
Instead of buying separate items, usually cheap, whenever I have the money, the plan is to save up (around $200 - $300) and buy a wardrobe all at the same time.

My closet, by now, is a mishmash of separate items that I have no idea what to do with. The best thing I could do for it is to clean up the misfit items, and go out and buy a wardrobe that work well with each other.

For Spring/Summer '07:

Bermuda khaki shorts - $40
Applique smock Top - $28
Printed V-neck blouse - $25
Cropped navy cardi - $30
Espadrille red flats - $17
Applique short-sleeve hoodie - $25
Red tank - $15

This list is pretty steep already. Phwoar. But the bulk of the items are from Old Navy (which has replaced the Gap in my heart) so hopefully they will go on sale by the time I save up enough money. (Or just be out of stock, but let's not dwell on that). And the items I still need to track down, for the perfect one:

Black trouser shorts
Printed skirt
Printed top/cami

Anything I've missed?

Smock Top Roundup

The smocktop. An almost a classic spring/summer item. Breezy, fun, comfortable - with the added bonus of coming in a million different styles and prints.

No post is complete without the designer item. This one's by Erotokritos (incredibly difficult to spell without checking back every other letter), and is absolutely gorgeous. $437. Works for day with black trouser shorts, and casual with white cargo shorts and a straw bag.

The always lovely Anthropologie. Marimekko for $88. I would wear this with khaki shorts, and bright yellow patent flats.

Old Navy, for $27. My favourite of the bunch. So easy to wear over denim shorts, and maybe a straw hat for the beach. Ah, summer.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Be With You Shortly

I apologize for the lack of posts. Once again. Je suis tres desole.
I've been preoccupied with university, school, dealing with the fact that my left foot is slightly smaller than my right, and of course, the dark looming future.

Very very soon, I'll put up some outfit pictures, some recent buys, and other fascinating stuff I blog about. 'Till then, hang on tight. Oh one more thing:
Can anybody recommend a good jazz song for an audition?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Frame Outlook

I'm taking everyone survived the blatant celebration of red, white, and pink marketing, commonly referred to as Valentine's. I too, I too, my friends.

One thing I do regret though, is not getting this book instead of buying a few meagre pieces of chocolate.

I have an odd fascination with medical anomalies and diseases: obscure and rare conditions, strange medical cases, all within my scope of interest. The book's title may tell you why I spent three hours reading the first half at Chapters before it closed.

And to read it, some new glasses frames are in order.

Like these Ray-Bans, I've been thinking a pair of tortoiseshell frames. Or not even tortoiseshell, just something a bit lighter and fun than the black ones I have currently.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mon amour, Je t'adore, or something to that Effect

Nicolae Petrescu. With his drugged up fat cat Leo and the crazy cool Trovata threads.

Monday, February 05, 2007

A Belated Birthday Party, Of One

It's celebration time, in my lonely cell here. It's my birthday, and I intend to celebrate in the way only awesome bloggers can.

An awesome fantasy birthday present. My favourite look from Erin Fetherson; everything I want to look: feminine, assertive, pretty, funky, fashion-forward. All in one outfit. One hellishly expensive, not-yet-unavailbe-unless-you're-Carine outfit.

But Old Navy comes to my rescue and saves me from the utter depths of fashion-induced depression. A cute, practical cardigan for 30$. It still sounds a bit expensive (for my sub-zero bank allowance) but as a splurge-worthy (does it count as a splurge if it's 30$?) birthday present it does marvelously.