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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is here on a Saturday

Flats - $75 at Browns Shoes
Grey tee - $10.50 at Old Navy
Leaf necklace - $11.99 at Urban Outfitters
Seersucker skirt - $58 at Urban Outfitters

Friday, March 30, 2007

Gap is Back

No matter how much the Gap disappoints me one season, the next they come back with a collection that I love. The past fall they came up with unflattering boxy sweaters and scratchy wool skirts, but for spring?
Beautiful dresses!
Easy to wear over a swimsuit for summer, with flats and a cardi for spring. The shirtdress fits amazingly - slouchy and fitted at the same time. It's polished enough for the hallways but it does casual for the beach.
The floral print would be perfect for everything. It would look great on everyone (H if you're reading this, this is for you). Imagine it with a cropped grey cardi, and some excellent flats.
Gap shirtdress - $39.99 on sale!
Gap floral print dress - $69.50

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Personal Life Interference

Sorry everyone, no fashion posts, but just a few things of my own I wanted to articulate. I am working part time in fast food, so first paycheck, will buy several excellent shoes and tell you all.

But -Lately there's just been too many times when insecurity just suddenly grabs you and it becomes almost too overwhelming. When everything you say or do seems to be judged, all the time and there's absolutely nowhere to run to. Insecurity about everything, everywhere, sometimes getting so intense that it feels like high caffeine doses on an empty stomach. That ugly, jittery feeling that never ends. Even though you know it's not true (or it could be) because thinking of yourself as the centre of attention/thought is egoistical and stupid.

The thing is, this time of year brings back bad memories. The usual: gossip, ugly fights, 'friends' becoming annoying, misunderstanding. It doesn't bother me so much anymore, but it pops up every so often in my head and I think, "Why, why does it have to be like this? The world and people shouldn't have to act in a certain way, or live with crippling anxiety all the time" And suddenly everything seems unfair and just, so, so sad. Seeing other people like this (which is far too often to be real) is upsetting and it rotates in a vicious circle.

Sometimes life gets so unfair and disgustingly shallow. Will go and put on lots of black eyeliner to go with the emo/shallow thematic.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

French Spy

Visiting my favourite consignment clothing store, Changes, I spied a little babydoll top. Pale green print, with a satin trim that went under the bust and tied in the back. I took a good look at the label, and came across the name French Spy.

The site is all in flash, but take a good look at the collection, and you'll find some really gorgeous pieces. For spring/summer, lots of dresses; eyelet, lace trim, satin accents. Tops and skirts that are necessary.

I was also really impressed that they already had their fall/winter 2007 line online. It showcases some more dresses in jewel tones, faux fur trimmings, and wool/tweed coats. French Spy is one label I'm going to keep an eye out for from now on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Planned Shopping-dom

There's something about the weather turning warm and the rain abating more and more that makes me want to bust out a whole new wardrobe. Suddenly all things oversized and wool repulse me, and everything printed pops out to me screaming, "BUY ME BUY ME". I trade in my silver jewellery and pearls for big gold earrings. Suddenly I can't stand to be in a pair of jeans, only floaty a-line skirts.
In other words, summer turns me into a bohemian kind of girl.

And so my previously planned wardrobe list has grown rather longer.

bright yellow flats $80
khaki bermudas $40
gold earrings
printed top
printed skirt
red tank $15
Missoni-esque cropped sweater $50
Gap braided sandals $20
long blue skirt
multicolour scarf
Gap shirtdress $60
Urban Outfitters bright mini $50

Definitely going to blow so much of my paycheck, but it'll be worth it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Urban Outfitters in Vancouver!

The 'first 300 purchases' better not be another one of those '$30 or more' type deals, because I want my tote! If you're in Vancouver, be there. It opens at 10am!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

State of the World, Recap


- laceup boots
- oversized tees (the kind you get for free)
- thrifting
- bright skinny belts
- technicolour anything
- purple eyeliner
- floaty a-line skirts
- black decaf coffee
- white classic keds
- leather jazz shoes


- patent peeptoes
- primary colour patent anything
- jumper dresses
- patent ballet flats (notice a trend, anyone?)
- dark nail polish
- wide legged jeans
- leggings as pants (or in general)

Slouchy Tailored

Here's my guess at what we'll be wearing come fall. Oversized separates that are fiercely tailored, made in luxe fabrics. Seeing all the satin, brocade, velvet and leather on the runways, one can only assumed that exuding opulence is on.
The whole scene reminds me of the whole menswear/womenswear trend going on last fall, and it obviously hasn't gone away. But - it's more feminine, it only suggests menswear by the structuredness and business-suit appeal.
Nina Ricci and LV FW07

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To Do or Not To Do

After seeing a pair of excellent, perfectly worn-in green laceup boots that Isabel bought, I think Ima need some. Pronto.

I have aspirations to dress in a different pair of lace-up boots everyday, and pair them with a series of floaty white skirts and natty tshirts. Or jeans and my favourite blouse.

I'll scour every single store in Vancouver if I have to, I'll spend my entire weekend devoted to the hunt, but I will not, cannot go without a pair.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Packing, Once Again

Packing is a pain.
Always hard to decided clothes.
And other stuff too.

A weekend Model UN conference is in order, and I have yet to pack. Attire is Western business wear, which means pantsuits, blouses, and blazers. The power woman's wardrobe.

Am taking:
- grey trouser pants
- black knee length skirt
- black blazer
- multiple blouses (white, pinstriped, pale blue)
- black tights
- black heels and flats
- vneck sweaters (navy and black)