Fashion from a highschooler's perspective. That is all.

Monday, April 30, 2007

My Kind of Generation

The other day, while perusing the racks at the mall, I came across my idea of apparel heaven. It came in the form of a black tshirt, with a gold peacock-feather embellishment across the front.

Digging deeper into the pile of clothes, I emerged with several more tops that I fell in love with faster than you can say, "clotheshorse". The odd thing? They all were from the same label, one that I'd never heard of before.
Say hello to your new love, Morphine Generation.
The clothes are deathly attractive, but the online lookbook cements it into cold hard concrete. True to their name, the models all seem to be on some sort of painkiller, all featuring pasty skin with bright lighting. Very Juergen Teller meets tragic hipster meets model polaroids.

Meet and greet here.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Big Brown Eyes

As a student (and by 'student' meaning low budget) and only part-time makeup user, I tend not to splurge on makeup. The occasional clothing or magazine bust-out, yes. But with drugstore selling shelves and shelves of cheap makeup, it's inevitable that you breeze past the MAC, Clinique, Chanel counters on your way through the department stores.

Enter Big Beautiful Eyes palette by Benefit.

The palette features eye concealer, shimmer eye shadow, and two shadows in chocolate and mocha shades. It also manages to fit a concealer brush, lash brush, and mirror in an incredibly small compact. But the best part? The step by step instructions on how to "define, contour, and enhance" your eyes, perfect for novices such as me.

All yours for the price of $30. See you at the Benefit counter!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Outfit of the Day

I stopped taking daily outfit pictures because I thought the mirror snaps were a bit too messy. Yes, I like things to be immaculate. But I've started taking them again, this time piece by piece.

Blouse: hand-me-down
Cardigan: Mexx
Jeans: Who knows? I've had it forever
Printed sling bag: Swing on Broadway
Necklace: Icing by Claire's
Earrings: Bizou
Red nail polish: Revlon

EDIT: The pictures should work, tell me if they aren't.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Falling Hard

You know that feeling of nostalgia you get when you smell something vaguely familiar, or when you hear a phrase that you've heard many times in the past?

That's what I get when I hear Amy Winehouse.
I tend not to talk about music here, but her music makes me feel like I've put on my favourite pair of sweats and glam sunglasses. I hardly ever rave about new artists; I like almost everything but my list of lovelovelove music is small. But she is amazing, so take a listen, asap.

Makes me feel like wearing beat-up red converse with this cardigan, and my ugliest black holey sweats.

EDIT: The bitching cardi is from Anthropologie (seriously, where else?)