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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

State of the World: Desperate Issue

I'm tired of looking through's runway pictures. I'm tired of browsing lookbooks for inspiration. It feels like.. all of my creativity is gone, leaving me with pictures and Spring 08 runways.
So what else to do but make a hot or not list?

Motorcycles. Metal chrome, laceup booties, scruffed leather
Erin Fetherson
Skinny jeans. Who cares about wide legs when you're 5'?
Harry Potter stripes
Bad coffee a la Dan Humphrey
English literature
Bandage skirts. Maybe American Apprel, maybe not
Knit beanies
Purple and dark red
White nails

Dictations of the Runway
Sock-less feet (They would freeze here)
Pleather oversize totes
Pumpkin spice lattes
Pleated skirts
Pink nail polish


Isabel said...

Were caftans ever in?

Well, i suppose in the 60s/70s they were. But really, NO on caftans.

LML said...

love the list! especially the dan humphrey reference =)

Stacey said...

Caftans are great. I think you are dumbing them down to those shapeless box-like ones which are popular in various African countries. Realistically the tunic and caftan are the same thing and this is part of daily wear in most of the middle east and south asia. They needn't be shapeless to be called caftans. They are classic and another reason they work now is that tights are in but should be worn with long shirts/dresses - ie tunics/caftans.

Anonymous said...


Ray Grimm said...

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