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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cold Questions

Freezing here. Global warming is true, I don't think Vancouver's been this cold since, forever. It's only November too..
I've resorted to layering hoodies over as many shirts I can. Sacrificing style for warmth, and so it'll have to stay until my brain starts thinking of creative and warm ways to dress. As of right now, it's been occupied with the Medieval Ages and writing.

On that note, I'm stumped on some articles I've been asked to write. None of them seriously interest me, but a job is a job is a job. It would be fantastic if you can give me some quotes or comments. No philosophical insights needed.

1.How do criminal activities ruin our economy? and how do they benefit the economy?
2. Does a three person relationship (marriage not sex) work better then a conventional one?
3. How is the Canadian dollar affecting the drug trade?

But until I can get my mind warm enough, these look awfully warm.

If only they weren't made in a sweatshop.


Nora said...

1. I'm sure ruining the economy is easy to answer. But in terms of benefits: provide jobs (police force, detectives, crossing guards etc).
2. The only reason it could work is because it's hard to find the time to run a household and make enough money to live in one!!!

Emma said...

My feet are frozen lumps of ice right now because (due to my own stupidity) I just had to walk forty blocks in the absolute cold. Those socks look like heaven, and I would definitely trade everything I own for them at this particular moment.

Anonymous said...