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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Covet is the Wrong Word

Lovely friends, I apologize for my prolonged, much more than 2 weeks absence. Not unlike the cute guy who does everything to get you and then dumps you (like that JoJo song.. but not as lame).

I've been job hunting (again). My 6-month stint at a clothing store was fun, but it's time to move on. And to feed my literary side, I've been applying at bookstores. Hopefully everything will turn out well, but in the meantime, it's great to dream about it. Very Audrey in Funny Face, before she turned all supermodel.
Of course I would need a pair of tortoiseshell glasses, but in addition:

Not quite Annie Hall or Katharine Hepburn, but honestly, I could never wear a vest. Or a fedora for that matter. Functionality trumps 'trendiness'.


Isabel said...

Oooh, dressing like a librarian is ultimate. Working at a bookstore would be so intellectual-cute! I really missed your posts when you were away.

Alexandra said...

I've always had the tendency of dressing like a librarian...and I'm seriously considering tortoiseshell glasses to replace my current boring black pair. I'm a bit hesitant though as I'm worried for them clashing with certain outfits,and although I do have more than one pair of glasses, I don't like having to co-ordinate that in the morning (my other pairs are mostly for emergencies and/or sports where I don't want to risk my every-day ones getting broken)

Anonymous said...

love this girl wearing <a href=">Ladies tunics</a>! wish i could pull something like this off. you rock it!